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Snack Time Sensations

Dive into a World of Flavorful Bites

from Roughcut Food Labs

Welcome to our delightful world of snacks at The Dead River Collective, where every bite is an adventure and flavor knows no bounds! In collaboration with the innovative Roughcut Food Labs, we are thrilled to present a captivating collection of snack recipes that will tickle your taste buds and leave you craving for more. Our repertoire includes local delights that encapsulate the authentic essence of regional cuisines, contemporary twists on timeless classics, and vintage recipes that have stood the test of time.

This page is a culinary treasure trove, meticulously curated to cater to a diverse array of palates and occasions. Whether you’re searching for the ideal nibble for a relaxing movie night, in need of wholesome snacks to power you through the day, or desiring a decadent treat to satisfy your sweet cravings, we have something special for everyone.

Roughcut Food Labs, our esteemed culinary partner, is celebrated for their innovative cooking techniques and unwavering commitment to quality. Together, we are on a mission to transform snack time from a routine nibble into an exciting gastronomic adventure. So, come along on this flavorful journey with us, as we explore a world of snacks that are not just irresistibly delicious, but also narrate a rich tapestry of tradition, innovation, and culinary passion.

Get ready to elevate your snack game and make every bite count at The Dead River Collective!


Satisfy your cravings with our snack recipes. From healthy bites to indulgent treats, these recipes are perfect for any snack time.

Maine Forest Pebre

Homestead Harmony Maine Forest Pebre Hello, culinary aficionados and lovers of the great Maine outdoors! Picture this: you're just back...
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Downeast Jalapeño-Basil Dillies

A Pickled Tribute to Maine's Culinary Craftsmanship Downeast Jalapeño-Basil Dillies Hello, fellow food enthusiasts! If you're a fan of the...
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Timberland Maple Cheese Bites

Maine Backwoods Delicacy Timberland Maple Cheese Bites Maine, a state so abundantly rich in natural beauty and culinary tradition, has...
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Wild Harvest Blueberry Venison Jerky

A Taste of the Maine Wilderness Wild Harvest Blueberry Venison Jerky Welcome to a tantalizing adventure that blends tradition with...
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Forest Green Avocado Spread

Homestead Breakfast Bliss Forest Green Avocado Spread When dawn breaks over the verdant landscape of Maine, it reveals a world...
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Maple Bacon Wilderness Crunch

Homestead Delights Maple Bacon Wilderness Crunch Maine, the Pine Tree State, has always been a sanctuary for those who love...
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Maine Maple Cornmeal Dumplings

Downeast Delight Maine Maple Cornmeal Dumplings When people think of Maine, often their minds drift to our dramatic coastlines, quaint...
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Maine Blue Potatoes w/ Creamy Sunflower Seed Sauce

Homestead Comforts Maine Blue Potatoes w/ Creamy Sunflower Seed Sauce In Maine, we're no strangers to the comforting and hearty...
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Corn Fritter Bites w/ Spiced Dip

Homestead Harvest Corn Fritter Bites w/ Spiced Dip Maine, characterized by its rugged coastline, dense forests, and a climate that...
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Rustic Chili Queso Dip

Maine Campfire Delight Rustic Chili Queso Dip The great state of Maine has often been painted with the brush of...
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Maine Homestead Sticky Guinness Chicken

Rustic Ale Charm Maine Homestead Sticky Guinness Chicken Welcome to a delectable culinary experience with our Maine Homestead Sticky Guinness...
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Rustic Vegan Cabbage & Barley Pockets

Maine Homestead Harvest Rustic Vegan Cabbage & Barley Pockets The beauty of Maine is not just limited to its vast,...
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Maple-Braised Onion & Cheddar Dip

Lighthouse Legends Maple-Braised Onion & Cheddar Dip Maine is more than just its craggy coastline and iconic lighthouses; it's a...
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Maine’s Hearty Rice Griddle Cakes

Homestead Delights Maine's Hearty Rice Griddle Cakes Ah, Maine! Known for its rugged coastline, delicious blueberries, and the unbeatable charm...
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Homestead Meat Hand Pies

A Taste of Maine Homestead Meat Hand Pies The scent of warm, savory pies wafting from the kitchen is one...
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Maine Cabin Caramelized Onion & Cheese Biscuits

Homestead Hearth's Delight Maine Cabin Caramelized Onion & Cheese Biscuits In the heart of New England, amidst its verdant forests...
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Acadia-Style Pickled Brussels Sprouts

Maine Memories Acadia-Style Pickled Brussels Sprouts Ah, the charm of Maine! A land known for its rugged coastlines, lighthouses, and...
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Maine Homestead Cabbage & Scallion Pancakes w/ Soy Dip

Garden Fresh Delight Maine Homestead Cabbage & Scallion Pancakes w/ Soy Dip Savor the essence of Maine's home gardens with...
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Maine Farmhouse Pickle Hummus

A Taste of Homesteading Maine Farmhouse Pickle Hummus In the picturesque landscapes of Maine, where rolling farmlands kiss the sky...
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Maine Maple Pulled Pork Poutine

Downeast Delights Maine Maple Pulled Pork Poutine Ah, the crisp New England air, the amber leaves drifting gently to the...
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