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Salad Spectacular

Dive into a World of Crunchy Delights & Zesty Twists

from Roughcut Food Labs

Welcome to where greens meet glamour and vegetables take center stage! Here at The Dead River Collective, we have partnered with Roughcut Food Labs to bring you a vibrant variety of salad recipes that range from local delights to modern twists and cherished vintage classics.

Our salads are more than just leafy greens; they are a celebration of colors, textures, and flavors, meticulously curated to satisfy your cravings for a fresh and nutritious meal. Whether you are a fan of the classic Caesar, a lover of the hearty Cobb, or on the hunt for something uniquely tantalizing, we have something for everyone.

Our collection includes recipes that embrace seasonal produce, showcase local ingredients, and highlight the beauty of simple, fresh food. From the light and refreshing to the rich and hearty, our salads are designed to be enjoyed all year round, providing you with a daily dose of vitality and a feast for the senses.

Dive into our Salad Spectacular, and let the fresh, zesty, and crunchy goodness begin! Explore the world of salads like never before and discover recipes that will become staples in your culinary repertoire. Join us on this delicious journey and turn every meal into a celebration of freshness and flavor.


Freshen up your mealtime with our vibrant salad recipes. Packed with fresh ingredients and flavorful dressings, these salads are anything but boring.

Maine Forest Lentil Salad

Rustic Retreat Maine Forest Lentil Salad Maine, a land cloaked in natural splendor, is renowned for its verdant woods, crystal-clear...
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Maine Coast Arugula Pesto Potato Salad

Homestead Harvest Maine Coast Arugula Pesto Potato Salad The sprawling coastline of Maine, with its rugged shores and salty breeze,...
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Lime-Infused Maritime Egg Salad

Maine Homestead Breakfast Lime-Infused Maritime Egg Salad As dawn paints the Maine coastline with hues of soft oranges and mellow...
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Maine Woodland Crunch Salad

The Rugged Trails and Tasty Greens Maine Woodland Crunch Salad As the crisp, autumnal air sweeps through the dense forests...
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Roasted Roots & Brussels Salad

Maine Woodland Bounty Roasted Roots & Brussels Salad Maine, often heralded as the "Pine Tree State", is a canvas of...
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New England Black-Eyed Pea Medley

Homesteading Heritage New England Black-Eyed Pea Medley In Maine, our tables are filled with homegrown comfort. Whether it's the vibrant...
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Maine’s Fiery Red Onion & Blueberry Salad

Homestead Harvests Maine's Fiery Red Onion & Blueberry Salad When one thinks of Maine, perhaps it's the rugged coastline, the...
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Crunchy Root & Sprout Fiesta Bowl

Homestead Gatherings Crunchy Root & Sprout Fiesta Bowl In Maine, the late summer and autumn months bring with them an...
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Forest Bounty Potato Salad

Savoring Nature's Harvest Forest Bounty Potato Salad Welcome to a culinary adventure that brings the vibrant essence of the forest...
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Seaside Tuna Salad on a Crisp

Homestead Harbor Delight Seaside Tuna Salad on a Crisp There's a magic about Maine that's hard to describe. The moment...
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Downeast Blue Potato Salad

Maine Memories Downeast Blue Potato Salad Ah, the simple yet ever-satisfying potato salad—a staple at every family gathering, potluck, and...
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Maine Countryside Grilled Potato Salad

Homestead Harvest Maine Countryside Grilled Potato Salad Maine, with its expansive fields, serene lakes, and picturesque farmhouses, has a way...
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New England Chard & Bean Medley

Homestead Harvest New England Chard & Bean Medley The state of Maine, characterized by its breathtaking coastal views, vast wilderness,...
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White Bean & Wild Blueberry Barley Salad

Maine Forest & Field White Bean & Wild Blueberry Barley Salad Maine, a state rich in natural wonders, offers a...
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Maine Woods Chicken Enchilada Pasta Salad

Homesteading Fusion in the Pine Tree State Maine Woods Chicken Enchilada Pasta Salad Maine is a land of unparalleled natural...
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Maine’s Majestic Multicolor Salad

Homesteading Harvest Maine's Majestic Multicolor Salad In the heart of Maine, homesteading isn’t just a lifestyle—it's a cherished tradition, an...
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Apple-Infused Chicken Salad

Maine Woodlands Feast Apple-Infused Chicken Salad Maine, the northeasternmost state of the U.S., is a land of contrasts. From its...
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Cool Herb Cucumber Salad

Maine's Garden Gala Cool Herb Cucumber Salad Maine, the beautiful Pine Tree State, is a land of stunning coastlines, towering...
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Maine Woodsman’s Carrot Salad

Pine State Fusion Maine Woodsman's Carrot Salad Ah, the humble carrot. It's a root vegetable that doesn't often get the...
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Far East Seaweed Fusion

Coastal Harvest Far East Seaweed Fusion Maine, with its rugged coastline and rich maritime heritage, has long been synonymous with...
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Join us in celebrating the art of salad-making and become a crucial part of our green revolution. Together, we can create a community that cherishes fresh ingredients, values creativity, and shares a passion for all things crunchy and flavorful!