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A true haven for food enthusiasts

Roughcut Food Lab is not just about making good food; it’s about understanding the rich tapestry of our collective culinary heritage and breathing new life into it. But Roughcut Food Lab isn’t just about preserving the old; it’s also about inspiring the new. It’s a platform for modern gastronomes, amateur chefs, and everyone who finds joy in the kitchen. Our mission? To help you become the star of your own kitchen. With expert guides, illuminating articles, and an array of eclectic recipes, Roughcut Food Lab is your mentor, your inspiration, your go-to source for everything culinary.

The team at Roughcut Food Lab firmly believes that everyone has the potential to create magic in the kitchen. No matter your skill level, we provide an all-encompassing guide that supports your journey from novice to kitchen maestro. From mastering the art of making perfect pasta to decoding the intricacies of an authentic Thai curry, Roughcut Food Lab is with you every step of the way.

Roughcut Food Lab is more than a culinary guide; it’s a community. It’s a place where food lovers from around the world can connect, share their kitchen triumphs, and learn from each other. It’s about fostering a love for food that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries.

Join us at Roughcut Food Lab and immerse yourself in a world where food is heritage, food is discovery, and food is joy!

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Maine Blue Potatoes w/ Creamy Sunflower Seed Sauce

Homestead Comforts Maine Blue Potatoes w/ Creamy Sunflower Seed Sauce In Maine, we're no strangers to the comforting and hearty...
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Spruce-Infused Linguine Surprise

Maine Woods & Homestead Delights Spruce-Infused Linguine Surprise In the heart of Maine, with its rich forests and vast landscapes,...
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Maine Cabin Spiced Beans

Homesteading Comforts Maine Cabin Spiced Beans Is there anything that spells comfort, warmth, and community more than a hearty pot...
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Maine Woodsman’s Carrot Salad

Pine State Fusion Maine Woodsman's Carrot Salad Ah, the humble carrot. It's a root vegetable that doesn't often get the...
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Maine Homestead Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner

Pine State Plates Maine Homestead Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner Maine is a treasure trove of flavors and traditions. From the...
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Maine’s Majestic Multicolor Salad

Homesteading Harvest Maine's Majestic Multicolor Salad In the heart of Maine, homesteading isn’t just a lifestyle—it's a cherished tradition, an...
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Maine Harvest Beef Stew w/ Cheddar Cornbread Crust

Pine Tree Pleasures Maine Harvest Beef Stew w/ Cheddar Cornbread Crust Ah, Maine. The land of blueberries, moose, and, of...
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Farmhouse Breakfast Poutine

Maine Morning Delight Farmhouse Breakfast Poutine Hello, gastronomic adventurers and fans of all things Maine! Imagine beginning your day with...
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Fiery Beef Noodle Broth

Maine Wilderness Warm-Up Fiery Beef Noodle Broth The heart of Maine, characterized by its rugged wilderness and a climate that...
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Maine Skillet Blueberry & Apple Biscuits

Wilderness Sweets Maine Skillet Blueberry & Apple Biscuits In Maine, the apple orchards and blueberry fields blend together as effortlessly...
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Downeast Pulled Pork Rolls

A Taste of Maine Downeast Pulled Pork Rolls There's something about a hearty sandwich that brings people together, no matter...
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Downeast Garlic Preserve

Maine Pantry Staples Downeast Garlic Preserve When you think about Maine, it's easy to jump straight to lobsters, lighthouses, and...
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Maine Harvest Brussels & Maple Walnut Pizza

Homestead Harmony Maine Harvest Brussels & Maple Walnut Pizza Maine is a place where nature and agriculture coexist in peaceful...
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Maine Blueberry Gingerbread Delight

Pine State Plates Maine Blueberry Gingerbread Delight Maine, known for its lush forests, stunning coastlines, and, of course, its blueberries....
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Maine Forest Ale Meatballs

Homestead Harvests Maine Forest Ale Meatballs Maine, a state teeming with dense forests, pristine lakes, and historic lighthouses, has more...
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Spicy Homestead Cheese Blend

Maine Farmhouse Fiesta Spicy Homestead Cheese Blend Amidst Maine's iconic backdrop of sprawling pine forests, shimmering lakes, and jagged coastlines...
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Homestead Pine Cone Syrup

Maine Wilderness Elixir Homestead Pine Cone Syrup Deep within the heart of Maine's lush wilderness lies a secret, passed down...
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Rustic Meadow Meatball Sub

Homestead Hearth Rustic Meadow Meatball Sub Amidst the verdant meadows of Maine, where the morning mist whispers through the tall...
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Roasted Root Vegetable Pesto

Maine Forest Magic Roasted Root Vegetable Pesto Ah, Maine—a land filled with evergreen forests, tranquil rivers, and abundant gardens that...
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Coastal Cornmeal Creaminess

Maine Homestead Dreams Coastal Cornmeal Creaminess Nestled along the rugged coastline of Maine, with its dense forests and historic lighthouses,...
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