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YUP F*cking Cold – Black Glossy Mug


Staying Warm & Cozy, Supporting Local Maine Communities With Every Purchase!

When the Maine chill hits, proclaim it loud

– with a sip from the YUP F*cking Cold – Black Glossy Mug!

Maine, with its breathtaking coastlines, dense forests, and characteristic chill, is as much about its picturesque beauty as it is about its vibrant culture. A culture where temperatures dropping isn’t just a meteorological observation but an experience, a sentiment, a state of being. Enter the ‘YUP F*cking Cold – Black Glossy Mug‘. More than a mere beverage container, it’s a nod to the collective spirit of Maine – a cheeky acknowledgment of the biting cold, blended with the warmth of its people.

The history of the humble mug dates back centuries.

It’s seen empires rise and fall, bore witness to countless early morning musings and late-night contemplations. A mug is not just ceramic and design; it’s a canvas of civilization, holding within its confines tales of times gone by. Our Black Glossy Mug continues this tradition, marrying the age-old allure of ceramic with a modern, sleek design that pays homage to the contemporary spirit while respecting its ancient roots.

Its glossy finish doesn’t merely reflect light; it reflects elegance.

Holding a generous 11oz, with dimensions that are a perfect fit for most hands – a height of 3.85″ and a diameter of 3.35″, it’s meticulously crafted to be your trusty companion. Whether it’s the robustness of morning coffee that calls you or the tranquility of afternoon tea, this mug stands ready, a silent participant in your daily rituals. And for the modern, fast-paced life, it proudly bears its microwave and dishwasher-safe badge, ensuring that convenience is but an arm’s reach away.

Yet, what truly sets this mug apart is the ethos behind its creation.

In a world driven by fast fashion and quicker consumption, we tread a different path. Every mug is crafted on-demand, a testament to a world where mindful consumption takes precedence over mindless production. It’s a step towards a future where sustainability isn’t a choice but a way of life. By choosing this mug, you’re not just making a purchase; you’re making a statement – a declaration that the world we inherit is shaped by the choices we make today.

Furthermore, your purchase isn’t about a product.

It’s about a promise. A promise that with every sip you take, a portion flows back into the lifeblood of Maine, nurturing the communities that form its heart and soul. It’s a commitment to a place where every winter whisper and every frosty morning isn’t just weather; it’s a shared experience, a collective memory.

To own the ‘YUP F*cking Cold – Black Glossy Mug’ is to be a part of a legacy.

A legacy of rich history, of modern resilience, of community solidarity, and of a sustainable future. It’s a conversation starter, a silent observer, and a loud proclaimer all in one.

So, the next time you wrap your fingers around its glossy embrace, let the warmth permeate not just your hands, but your heart.

Know that with every gulp, you’re not just tasting a beverage; you’re imbibing the spirit of Maine, its cheeky defiance to its cold, its warmth, and its ever-enduring spirit. Here’s to Maine, to conscious choices, and to the power of community. Cheers!



Maine, often known as “The Pine Tree State,” holds another, less official title: the stalwart of New England’s winter. For those who’ve experienced it, Maine’s winters are a symphony of crystalline beauty, challenging cold, and the indomitable spirit of its residents. This article delves deep into the icy heart of Maine’s historic cold winters.

The history of Maine’s cold winters is multifaceted, touching every aspect of life in the state. From shaping its biodiversity to influencing art, culture, and economy, these winters have been both a challenge and a muse. The people of Maine, hardened by the cold yet warmed by community bonds, continue to weave this legacy into a rich tapestry of shared memories, stories, and experiences. As the snow blankets the state, it’s clear: Maine’s winters are not just a season; they are a profound chapter in its ongoing story.

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