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The 207 – Black Glossy Mug


History Calling, Supporting Local Maine Communities With Every Purchase!

Introducing “The 207 – Black Glossy Mug”

– a daily essential imbued with the spirit of Maine, from the solitary heights of Katahdin to the bustling Old Port of Portland.

This isn’t just another coffee mug. It’s a celebration of Maine’s unity and diversity, a testament to the strength of our communities, and a salute to the unique history that binds us all together under the banner of the 207. Start your day sipping coffee from a cup that speaks of Maine’s endurance, or wind down with a mug of tea that whispers tales of our resilience.

Embrace the morning dawn or the twilight hours with the same strength and resilience as the 207 communities!

Each “The 207 – Black Glossy Mug” is made from robust ceramic material that stands strong, much like Maine’s resilient communities. Its sleek black design and glossy finish reflect both the mystery of our moonlit forests and the shine of our sun-dappled coastline. With 11oz capacity and dimensions of 3.85″ in height and 3.35″ in diameter, it’s the perfect companion for your daily rituals.

Moreover, this mug cares for your convenience.

It’s microwave safe for quick heating, dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, and glossy to catch the eye, making it a standout piece in your cupboard.

Every purchase supports local Maine communities, adding another layer of meaning to your morning cuppa or your afternoon tea break.

Moreover, each mug is created on-demand to reduce overproduction and promote environmentally conscious decisions. By choosing “The 207 – Black Glossy Mug”, you’re not only gaining a versatile beverage companion but also contributing to the welfare of the very communities that make Maine so special.

Toast to the 207, our shared history, and our collective strength with every sip you take from “The 207 – Black Glossy Mug”.

It’s more than a beverage container—it’s a symbol of unity, a badge of resilience, and a daily reminder of our beautiful Pine Tree State.

207 Maine



The story of area code 207 is as much the story of Maine as it is about a string of digits that’s integral to its telecommunications framework. Maine’s area code, 207, is the sole area code for the entire state, making it unique in its simplicity and scope. It stands as a testament to Maine’s unity and a subtle nod to its rich history.

The history of area code 207 is deeply intertwined with the history of Maine itself. It has been a constant through changes, a witness to progress, and a symbol of the state’s unity and identity. Even as we look toward the future and the inevitable changes it may bring, the legacy of area code 207 will remain as a key chapter in the chronicles of Maine’s history.

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