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Moose X-ing – Short Sleeve T-Shirt


Braking For Moose, Supporting Local Maine Communities With Every Purchase!

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Unlock the spirit of the great Maine outdoors each time you don the Moose X-ing Short Sleeve T-Shirt

– an ensemble that’s as versatile and vibrant as the state that inspired it!

Few animals are as emblematic of Maine’s wild heart as the moose. Towering yet gentle, the moose encapsulates the resilience and grandeur of the Pine Tree State. Our Moose X-ing Short Sleeve T-Shirt seeks to capture the essence of this mighty creature and the boundless landscapes it calls home. It’s more than just a shirt; it’s a statement piece that brings together cultural heritage, community, and environmental mindfulness.

Let’s talk about the essentials first: This tee is a harmony of comfort and durability.

It’s spun from 100% combed and ring-spun cotton, offering a soft, breathable experience. The heather colors contain polyester for added flexibility. Weighing in at 4.2 oz./yd.² (142 g/m²), this fabric achieves the delicate balance of being lightweight without sacrificing quality. With its pre-shrunk fabric and side-seamed construction, you can expect a lasting, perfect fit. Shoulder-to-shoulder taping further assures durability, meaning this tee is built to endure as much as the mighty moose itself.

Now, let’s talk impact: When you purchase this shirt, you’re not just adding to your wardrobe; you’re enhancing a community.

Each purchase supports local Maine communities, contributing to the wellbeing of the very lands that inspire our designs. Additionally, the shirt’s production is a testament to our devotion to sustainability. By making each t-shirt to order, we actively reduce overproduction and waste. Your decision to buy this shirt is a step toward a greener, more thoughtful lifestyle, and for that, we salute you.

But what truly sets the Moose X-ing Short Sleeve T-Shirt apart is its power to spark conversations.

When you wear this tee, you’re not just sporting an article of clothing; you’re wearing a story, a symbol, a rallying cry for sustainable choices and local love. It’s a dialogue starter that says, “I am conscious about what I wear, where it comes from, and what it signifies.”

Imagine the possibilities of this versatile tee: paired with jeans for a casual day out, layered under a blazer for an unexpected urban look, or even teamed with workout gear for an athletic edge.

This isn’t just a t-shirt; it’s a canvas for your personal style statement.

The Moose X-ing Short Sleeve T-Shirt offers the unique experience of connecting a personal fashion choice with collective community well-being and environmental responsibility.

It’s the perfect gift for the eco-conscious, the Maine-lovers, and everyone in between.

So, go ahead, express yourself and become a part of a larger, meaningful narrative.

Wear your Moose X-ing T-shirt as a badge of honor, a symbol of a small but significant step toward sustainable living. Feel the fabric, cherish the fit, appreciate the quality, but above all, revel in the knowledge that your choice is a reflection of something bigger. Thank you for making a responsible, heartwarming, and utterly stylish decision.



Hey, wildlife aficionados and casual nature-lovers, do you hear that distant rustling through the Maine forest? That’s not just any critter—it’s the iconic moose, a beast whose history in Maine is as dense as the forests it roams. Descendants of Eurasian ancestors, moose have been a part of Maine’s landscape for thousands of years. Once a key resource for Native American tribes, today they’re an essential character in the state’s rich tapestry of wildlife.

So, what’s the takeaway from this antlered adventure? Moose in Maine are more than just roadside attractions or hunting targets. They’re cultural icons, economic drivers, and a rallying point for community unity. Whether it’s the thrill of seeing your first moose, participating in a moose calling contest, or simply stopping at a “Moose Crossing” sign for that must-have selfie, the influence of the moose is imprinted in the very soul of Maine.

If you haven’t experienced Maine’s moose culture yet, it’s about time you do! Just remember to drive cautiously—those “Moose Crossing” signs are a chapter in a story that everyone in Maine is a part of.

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