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Maine: RAFTING – Stickers


Getting Wet, Supporting Local Maine Communities With Every Purchase!

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Unleash your inner adventurer with Maine: RAFTING – Stickers

– the perfect emblem to express Maine’s thrilling whitewater rafting lifestyle, one decal at a time!

For most, a sticker is a simple decoration, but for you, it’s a statement. A statement that resonates with the roaring rivers of Maine, the heart-pounding excitement of shooting through rapids, and the serenity that washes over you when you find yourself in the heart of the wilderness. Maine’s rafting scene is a cornerstone of its outdoor heritage, encapsulating the boldness and freedom that has defined the state for centuries. Our Maine: RAFTING stickers carry forward this legacy, giving you a piece of Maine’s adventurous spirit to stick wherever your heart desires.

Printed on high-opacity, durable adhesive vinyl, these stickers are both visually captivating and resilient.

With a 95µ density, the stickers stand up to the rigors of everyday life. Whether you stick them on your water bottle, laptop, or kayak, you can expect a fast, bubble-free application that’s impossible to see through. Designed to be ideal for indoor use, these stickers are meant to last, much like the memories of conquering Maine’s wild rivers.

Before application, don’t forget to clean the surface to ensure that the sticker adheres well.

And remember, each sticker is more than just an image—it’s a symbol. A symbol of the community of rafters and nature enthusiasts who make Maine’s outdoor culture so vibrant and inclusive. A symbol of the historic significance of Maine’s rivers, which have been essential trade routes and a source of life for the indigenous peoples and early settlers alike.

What’s more, each purchase of a Maine: RAFTING sticker directly supports local Maine communities.

A portion of the proceeds helps fund local projects, such as river conservation efforts, outdoor education programs, and community development initiatives. You’re not just decorating your personal items; you’re contributing to a meaningful cause.

In line with our commitment to sustainability, these stickers are produced as soon as you place an order.

This made-to-order approach reduces waste, lowers storage costs, and cuts down our environmental impact. We are devoted to eco-conscious business practices, and by choosing this product, you’re supporting a sustainable future.

Picture this: you’re sitting on the edge of a raft, water splashing around you, and the forest echoing with the sounds of rushing water and chirping birds.

You feel alive, connected to the community of people who share this passion and to the generations that have gone down these same rivers before you. And right there, on your water bottle or laptop, is your Maine: RAFTING sticker—a daily reminder of this profound connection.

So go ahead, express your adventurous spirit, become a part of Maine’s storied outdoor community, and make a difference in the world with a single, powerful sticker.

The “Maine: RAFTING – Stickers” are not just decals; they’re declarations of who you are and what you stand for. Stick them with pride!



Strap on your life jacket, we’re plunging into the turbulent but incredibly exhilarating world of whitewater rafting in West Forks, Maine! This tale begins where the Dead and Kennebec Rivers merge, a splashy confluence that’s been a center of activity for centuries. Native Americans first paddled through these waters, and the lore of birch bark canoes set the stage for the thrilling rubber rafts we know today. By the 1970s, thrill-seekers were flocking to West Forks as commercial rafting erupted on the scene. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg—or should we say the crest of the wave?

Whitewater rafting in West Forks isn’t just an adrenaline-pumping adventure; it’s the heartbeat of a community. As you grip the paddle and prepare to face the thunderous waves, remember, you’re not just participating in a sport. You’re joining a narrative that started with the indigenous tribes and continues to flow like the wild rivers themselves. It’s an epic story of thrills, unity, and respect for nature, and guess what? There’s always room for one more chapter.

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