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Let’s Get Toasted – Drink Coaster


Roasting & Toasting, Supporting Local Maine Communities With Every Purchase!

Our Let’s Get Toasted – Drink Coaster isn’t just a slab for your mug

– it’s a mini Maine masterpiece that brings purpose to your parched moments!

Drink coasters, those unsung heroes of tableware, have evolved from mere functional pieces to objects of design and even collectors’ items. Their history reflects not just advancements in material science but also trends in domesticity, aesthetics, and social behavior. In many ways, the coaster mirrors Maine’s very essence: practical, earthy, yet full of surprises.

Measuring 3.74” × 3.74” × 0.16″, this coaster is a small but mighty powerhouse.

Its top features a high-gloss coating, which isn’t just for good looks. This finish ensures that the coaster is water-repellent and heat-resistant, making it perfect for both hot and cold beverages. The underlayer is composed of 0.04” cork, lending it non-slip properties while also being kind to your surfaces. Crafted from Hardboard MDF at a thickness of 0.12”, it’s a robust yet refined piece of functional art, with rounded corners to complete its friendly aesthetics.

Convenience has been kept in mind as well; these coasters are incredibly easy to clean, ensuring that beauty and functionality go hand in hand.

Consider buying these for your friends and family, too—after all, gifts that combine style, function, and thoughtfulness are rare to find.

Speaking of thoughtfulness, every purchase you make supports local Maine communities.

Funds generated from sales go directly to local initiatives that support healthcare, education, and the unique lifestyle that Maine offers. In this sense, this little coaster holds within its boundaries an entire community’s hopes and opportunities.

Sustainability isn’t a mere buzzword for us; it’s a commitment.

This is why our products are made to order. We avoid bulk production to reduce overproduction and waste. When you place an order for your “Let’s Get Toasted – Drink Coaster,” you’re doing more than just buying; you’re participating in an eco-friendly process that respects our planet’s resources.

The “Let’s Get Toasted – Drink Coaster” serves as more than a mere resting place for your beverage.

It’s a fusion of history, modernity, community, and sustainability. It represents the down-to-earth yet forward-thinking spirit of Maine. It’s an homage to local craftsmanship and a nod to responsible consumerism.

So the next time you lift your mug for a sip, know that beneath it lies not just a coaster, but a microcosm of values, care, and community commitment.

Let’s Get Toasted” is not merely a catchy phrase; it’s an invitation to become part of a larger, meaningful journey—one sip at a time. Cheers to that!




Alright, marshmallow enthusiasts, gather around the campfire! We’re journeying into the heart of West Forks, Maine, to explore a camping ritual as sticky as it is delicious: toasting marshmallows. The origins of this ooey-gooey delicacy trace back to ancient Egypt, where marshmallow plants were used to create a treat for gods and royalty. Fast forward to the 19th-century U.S., marshmallows shifted from divine offerings to campfire staples, and nowhere is this tradition more cherished than in West Forks!

Toasting marshmallows isn’t just a tasty treat; it’s a rich and layered experience that ties the community together. It brings people back to the simple joys of life and connects them to a shared heritage. Whether you’re a Golden Brownie or a Charred Champion, whether you like your marshmallows classic or artisanal, remember that each time you extend that stick over the campfire, you’re taking part in a tradition that’s as heart-warming as the marshmallows themselves.

Now, who’s ready for s’mores?

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