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Just A Person From Maine – Stickers


Celebrating Maine People, Supporting Local Maine Communities With Every Purchase!

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Add a touch of Maine’s spirit of equality and acceptance to your daily life

– with our “Just A Person From Maine” Stickers!

Just like the people of Maine, these stickers stand out and stick strong. Crafted with high-opacity adhesive vinyl, they echo the resilience and clarity of Maine’s enduring commitment to equality and inclusivity. They’re the perfect emblem for regular use, easy to apply, and bubble-free—embodying the smooth transition and blending of diverse cultures that Maine proudly exhibits.

With their 95µ density, they are as durable as Maine’s history of upholding equal rights.

Ideal for indoor use, these stickers are ready to make a statement on your laptop, water bottle, notebook, or anywhere else you fancy.

Remember, just like fostering acceptance requires a clean slate, ensure your surface is clean before applying these stickers.

They adhere best to smooth, clean surfaces, much like how Maine’s acceptance adheres to everyone, regardless of their background.

But these stickers represent more than just an accessory.

Each purchase directly supports local Maine communities, creating a ripple effect of empowerment and upliftment. They are created on-demand as soon as you place an order, mirroring Maine’s responsive, thoughtful approach to environmental sustainability.

So, whether you’re a Mainer by birth, by choice, or simply by spirit, these “Just A Person From Maine” Stickers are a fun and exciting way to share the values that Maine holds dear.

Stick them on your favorite items and let them serve as a daily reminder of what it means to be part of a community that stands for equality, acceptance, and thoughtful, eco-friendly choices.



Maine, the northeastern most state in the U.S., often referred to as the Pine Tree State, has a rich history that revolves around resilience, acceptance, and the pursuit of equality. The residents, known as ‘Mainers’, are recognized for their strong sense of community and adherence to principles of fairness, equality, and acceptance. This article delves into the history of these principles in Maine, their manifestations in societal norms, and what it truly means to be a person from Maine.

From its early history to its modern-day standing, Maine has consistently championed the principles of equality and acceptance. It has weathered many storms, stood up for what is right, and striven to ensure equal rights for all its inhabitants. To be a Mainer is to continue this legacy of acceptance, demonstrating the strength and resilience that are hallmarks of this great state. As we look to the future, we carry with us the hope that Maine continues to be a beacon of acceptance and equality for all.

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