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I Pee Outside – Enamel Mug


I Pee Outside, Supporting Local Maine Communities With Every Purchase!

Raise a toast to the call of the wild with the “I PEE OUTSIDE” Enamel Mug

The ultimate accessory for outdoor lovers in Maine and beyond!

This isn’t just a mug; it’s a declaration of your outdoor spirit and a nudge towards responsible outdoorsmanship – because nature lovers understand that sometimes, you have to pee outside!

Made of resilient enamel, this mug is as sturdy as Maine’s famous lighthouses.

Able to withstand both vigorous hiking trips and toddlers’ snack time. It boasts dimensions of 3.14″ in height and 3.25″ in diameter, providing plenty of space for your hot cocoa, morning coffee, or a hearty serving of campfire stew.

The mug’s sleek white coating is tastefully contrasted with a rugged silver rim, paying homage to Maine’s pristine snowscapes and rugged coastlines. And when it’s time to move out, simply attach it to your backpack for easy access during your journey – because no adventure is complete without a trusty mug by your side.

Please note, the mug is hand-wash only, and direct heating of liquids or food can damage the coating.

So please, heat your grub separately, and then enjoy it in this stylish vessel!

Every purchase of the “I PEE OUTSIDE” Enamel Mug supports local Maine communities, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability. We make each product to order, reducing overproduction and promoting eco-friendly practices.

So get ready to sip your favorite drink, enjoy the beautiful Maine outdoors, and remember:

It’s okay to pee outside when you do it responsibly. After all, there’s no better conversation starter at the campfire than your “I PEE OUTSIDE” Enamel Mug!

I Pee Outside



Venturing into the great outdoors of Maine can be an exhilarating experience, filled with awe-inspiring vistas, captivating wildlife, and the serene stillness of untouched nature. But what happens when the call of the wild is drowned out by the call of nature? For those of us who enjoy spending extended periods outdoors, figuring out how to relieve ourselves responsibly and comfortably is an important (if somewhat awkward) part of the adventure. In this fun, funny, and informative guide, we’ll explore the art and etiquette of peeing outside in Maine, from finding the perfect pee spot to leaving no trace.

  • The Quest for the Perfect Pee Spot: Maine’s wilderness offers an abundance of potential pee spots, but finding the perfect one can be a bit of a challenge.
  • Mastering the Technique: Now that you’ve found your perfect spot, it’s time to get down to business.
  • The Art of Leave No Trace: Practicing good outdoor ethics is essential, even when answering nature’s call.

When nature calls in the midst of your Maine adventure, don’t panic!  Peeing outside is a rite of passage for every outdoor enthusiast, adding a touch of humor and a dash of humility to your wild exploits. By choosing a suitable pee spot, mastering your technique, and following Leave No Trace principles, you can answer the call of nature with confidence, respect for the environment, and a funny story to tell when you return to civilization. So go forth, explore the wonders of Maine, and remember: when it comes to peeing outside, we’re all in this together!

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