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Contains THC – Stickers


Maine Medical Cannabis, Supporting Local Maine Communities With Every Purchase!

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Get ready to “stick” it to the world

– with our “Contains THC – Stickers”!

Perfect for your laptops, water bottles, skateboards, or any smooth surface that could use a bit of personal flair, these stickers are more than just fun. They’re a statement supporting local Maine communities and advocating for the rights of medical cannabis patients.

Each sticker is printed on durable, high-opacity adhesive vinyl.

This ensures maximum visibility and resilience for regular use, making them ideal for covering other stickers or paint. The quality of our vinyl is so high, you won’t have to worry about pesky bubbles when applying your stickers, ensuring a smooth and sleek finish every time.

With a 95µ density, these stickers are robust, maintaining their integrity over time and indoor use.

They’re just what you need to add a unique touch to your items while also making a strong stand for patient’s rights. Remember to clean the surface before applying the sticker for the best result!

Buying a “Contains THC – Sticker” not only spruces up your stuff but also supports our sustainable mission.

Each product is made on-demand as soon as you place an order, reducing overproduction and encouraging eco-friendly decisions. This approach may take a tad longer for delivery, but it’s our way of thanking you for making conscientious, earth-friendly purchasing choices.

Join us in the fun and advocacy with these “Contains THC – Stickers”.

Adorn your items, stand for a cause, and become a part of the movement supporting local Maine communities and medical cannabis patient’s rights. It’s a fun way to make a serious difference!



The progressive medical cannabis program in Maine stands as a shining beacon in the realm of integrative and alternative healthcare solutions. It’s a dynamic reflection of Maine’s commitment to advocating the therapeutic attributes of medical cannabis, balanced with stringent guidelines to promote responsible use and ensure patient safety. This comprehensive guide delves into the heart of Maine’s medical cannabis program, detailing the quality of the cannabis produced, the ethos of responsible usage, and the process to obtain certification from a qualified healthcare provider.

Maine’s medical cannabis program epitomizes a paradigm shift in healthcare, highlighting a potential therapeutic avenue for those seeking alternative treatment options. However, this potential can only be realized when balanced with a commitment to quality, a culture of responsibility, and a thorough understanding of the certification process. By being aware of these essential aspects, patients can successfully navigate Maine’s medical cannabis landscape, ensuring that they can safely and effectively utilize medical cannabis to improve their quality of life.

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