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Pockets & Hand Pies

Exploring the World of Hand Pies & Stuffed Delights

From Pasties to Empanadas

from Roughcut Food Labs

Welcome to The Dead River Collective’s dedicated space for all things related to pockets and hand pies recipes. In collaboration with Roughcut Food Labs, we bring you an extensive collection of recipes that range from local Maine specialties to modern twists and cherished vintage recipes.

Hand pies and pockets are a universal form of culinary delight, found in cultures around the world. Whether it’s a Cornish pasty, an empanada, or a good old-fashioned apple hand pie, there’s something incredibly comforting and satisfying about these portable, enclosed treats.

On this page, you’ll find an array of recipes that celebrate the diversity and deliciousness of pockets and hand pies. We highlight the traditional techniques passed down through generations, while also embracing contemporary flavors and ingredients. From savory meat and vegetable fillings to sweet, fruit-packed delights, there’s a recipe here to suit every palate.

So, whether you’re a seasoned hand pie maker or just starting your journey into the world of pockets and pasties, we invite you to explore, experiment, and enjoy the recipes and stories shared here. Welcome to the community of pocket and hand pie enthusiasts; let’s start baking!

Pockets & Hand Pies

Discover the joys of pockets and hand pies, where delicious fillings are wrapped in flaky pastry. Perfect for on-the-go meals or a fun dinner.

Homestead Meat Hand Pies

A Taste of Maine Homestead Meat Hand Pies The scent of warm, savory pies wafting from the kitchen is one...
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Woodland Broccoli & Gouda Tartlets

A Forest Feast in Every Bite Woodland Broccoli & Gouda Tartlets Embark on a culinary journey through the woodlands with...
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Woodland Beef & Cabbage Hand Pies

Embracing Rustic Charm Woodland Beef & Cabbage Hand Pies Step into a culinary forest with our Woodland Beef & Cabbage...
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Oven-Baked Feta Logs w/ Blueberry-Chili Drizzle

Maine Woods Meets Mediterranean Oven-Baked Feta Logs w/ Blueberry-Chili Drizzle Ah, the fusion of diverse culinary worlds! It’s like the...
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Cheesy Spinach & Bean Quesadillas

Maine Homestead Meal Cheesy Spinach & Bean Quesadillas Maine, a state distinguished by its misty harbors, iconic lighthouses, and vast...
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Rustic Potato & Beef Pockets

Maine Homestead Traditions Rustic Potato & Beef Pockets Maine: a land where the waves crash against rugged coastlines, forests stretch...
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Backwoods Spinach & Feta Delight

Savoring Rustic Charm Backwoods Spinach & Feta Delight Welcome to the heartwarming world of our Backwoods Spinach & Feta Delight,...
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Woodland Sambousek w/ Lustrous Maple Herb Drizzle

Homestead Harvest Delicacy Woodland Sambousek w/ Lustrous Maple Herb Drizzle There's something about Maine that sticks with you, long after...
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Maine-Inspired Potato Pockets

Homestead Comfort Maine-Inspired Potato Pockets In Maine, where the landscape is an ever-changing canvas—coastlines brushed with jagged rocks, forests like...
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Maine Woods Stuffed Pitas

Homestead Harmony Maine Woods Stuffed Pitas Maine's allure isn't just its rugged coastlines, misty mornings, and towering pines; it's the...
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Homestead Vegan Pâté Pastries

Maine Countryside Treats Homestead Vegan Pâté Pastries Nestled in the heart of New England, Maine is a state filled with...
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Maine Blueberry & Feta Sourdough Hand Pies

Homestead Harvest Delight Maine Blueberry & Feta Sourdough Hand Pies Ah, Maine! The state boasts more than just the symphony...
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Maine Farmhouse Fried Beef Rolls

Pine Grove Delights Maine Farmhouse Fried Beef Rolls In the beautiful backdrop of Maine, where the trees outnumber people and...
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Homestead Crispy Veggie Buns

Maine Cabin Delight Homestead Crispy Veggie Buns Maine, a state synonymous with rugged coastlines, lighthouses, and a seafood-rich cuisine. But...
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Spicy Homestead Pockets

Maine Hearth Warmers Spicy Homestead Pockets Maine: a state where the rugged beauty of its landscapes is mirrored in the...
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Join us in celebrating the delightful world of pockets and hand pies. Together, we can create a community that shares, learns, and bakes together, ensuring that these cherished recipes and techniques are passed down through the generations. Let’s get baking!