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Pizza & Flatbreads

Pizza & Flatbreads Feast

Discover the World of Crispy Crusts & Flavorful Toppings

from Roughcut Food Labs

Welcome to The Dead River Collective’s haven for pizza and flatbread aficionados! On this page, you’ll embark on a culinary journey exploring a myriad of recipes, techniques, and flavors that celebrate one of the world’s most beloved foods. From classic Margheritas to innovative and unique toppings, we’ve partnered with Roughcut Food Labs to bring you an extensive collection of pizza and flatbread recipes that cater to all palates.

Discover local Maine ingredients that add a unique twist to your creations, and delve into both modern and vintage recipes that have stood the test of time or are shaking up the traditional pizza scene. Whether you’re a fan of thin and crispy crusts, or you prefer something a bit more doughy and substantial, our collection is designed to satisfy your pizza and flatbread cravings.

So preheat your ovens, get your rolling pins ready, and join us in celebrating the magic of homemade pizza and flatbreads. Explore new flavors, master classic techniques, and share your pizza-making adventures with a community of fellow enthusiasts. Welcome to our world of crispy crusts, mouth-watering toppings, and the joy of baking perfection!

Pizza & Flatbreads

Bring the pizzeria home with our pizza and flatbread recipes. From classic Margheritas to innovative toppings, these recipes are perfect for pizza night.

Rustic Maine Maple Sourdough Pizza Crust

Homesteading Haven Rustic Maine Maple Sourdough Pizza Crust Amidst the pines and granite of Maine's rugged landscape, homesteading offers more...
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Rustic Spruce-Infused Pizza Dough

A Taste of the Pine Tree State Rustic Spruce-Infused Pizza Dough Embrace the essence of the Maine woods with our...
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Rustic Roasted Garlic Sauce for Wood-Fired Pizza

Homestead Harmony Rustic Roasted Garlic Sauce for Wood-Fired Pizza Maine, with its stunning landscapes and serene environment, is synonymous with...
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Forest Bounty Blueberry & Smoked Gouda Pizza

A Taste of the Maine Wilderness Forest Bounty Blueberry & Smoked Gouda Pizza Welcome to a world where culinary creativity...
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Poultry Pie Al Fresco

Seaside Harvest Poultry Pie Al Fresco Maine's coastline stretches far and wide, each mile more captivating than the last. But...
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Woodland Spinach & Leek Flatbread w/ Feta

Bringing the Forest to Your Table Woodland Spinach & Leek Flatbread w/ Feta Nestled in the culinary embrace of nature,...
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Maine Harvest Brussels & Maple Walnut Pizza

Homestead Harmony Maine Harvest Brussels & Maple Walnut Pizza Maine is a place where nature and agriculture coexist in peaceful...
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Homestead Harvest Potato Flatbreads

Rediscovering Homely Comfort Homestead Harvest Potato Flatbreads Welcome to a cozy corner of home-inspired baking with our Homestead Harvest Potato...
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Coastal Haven Roasted Garlic Seaweed Pizza

A Seaside Adventure on Your Plate Coastal Haven Roasted Garlic Seaweed Pizza Embark on a culinary journey to the shorelines...
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Join the Dough Revolution

Shape, Bake, and Share Your Pizza & Flatbread Creations

  1. Share Your Recipes: Have a unique or family-favorite pizza or flatbread recipe? Submit it to our blog and share the love with the community.
  2. Join the Tasting Team: Volunteer to taste and review new recipes from Roughcut Food Labs and local Maine chefs. Your feedback helps us all learn and grow!
  3. Pizza Party Meetups: Host or participate in local pizza-making meetups. It’s a fantastic way to learn new techniques, share your own, and of course, enjoy some delicious pizza!
  4. Ingredient Exploration: Experiment with local Maine ingredients on your pizzas and flatbreads, and share the results. What local flavors can elevate a classic pizza? Let’s find out together!
  5. Baking Tips & Tricks: Share your pizza and flatbread baking tips on our forum. From achieving the perfect crust to choosing the right cheese, your knowledge is invaluable.
  6. Social Media Shares: Made a recipe from our collection? Share your creation on social media and tag The Dead River Collective. Use the hashtag #PizzaDRCollective to join the conversation.

Join us in exploring the endless possibilities of pizza and flatbreads, and become a part of our community dedicated to the art of baking and topping perfection. Together, we can create a space that celebrates the diversity and deliciousness of pizza and flatbreads from around the world and right here in Maine. Let’s get baking!