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Moxie Outdoor Adventures

Moxie Outdoor Adventures



Nestled on the picturesque shores of the magnificent 9-mile Lake Moxie, you’ll find Lake Moxie Camps, a timeless gem from a bygone era of traditional Maine sporting camps. With its captivating blend of history and charm, Lake Moxie Camps offer a variety of cozy accommodations, including comfortable lakeside cabins or “Camps,” a spacious Lake House rental, the rustic Moxie Barn group cabin, idyllic platform tents, and serene lakeside camp sites.

Located just minutes away from the breathtaking Moxie Falls, Wyman Lake, Moosehead Lake, Greenville, Maine, and the renowned Appalachian Trail, a stay at Lake Moxie allows you to immerse yourself in the quintessential Maine experience you’ve been yearning for. Abundant wildlife flourishes in this tranquil paradise, making it a common sight to spot majestic loons, soaring eagles, and the awe-inspiring Maine Moose.

As you lose yourself in the enchanting beauty and serenity of Lake Moxie Camps, you’ll discover the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, reconnecting with nature and creating unforgettable memories in this enchanting corner of the world.

P: 800-866-6943


Welcome to The Lake House, a stunning lakeside sanctuary where you can soak in the mesmerizing views from the spacious deck and grand glass windows. This exquisite haven comfortably accommodates 12-15 guests, making it the perfect destination for a memorable gathering with friends or family.

The Lake House is fully equipped with a modern bathroom, a well-appointed kitchen, a propane grill, and a generously-sized porch overlooking the lake. Imagine spending cozy evenings around the large campfire pit, sharing stories and laughter under the stars. A private dock awaits you, offering exclusive access to the tranquil waters.

Weekend rates start at $600.00 + tax per night (minimum 10 guests), with a 2-night minimum stay required. On weeknights, enjoy a special rate of $450 per night for up to 6 guests, and just $50.00 for each additional guest. The Lake House features various sleeping arrangements to suit your needs, including bedroom 1 with 3 twin beds and 1 double bed, bedroom 2 with 4 twin beds, and a spacious loft with two full beds and four twin beds. The living room even includes a pull-out queen bed for added flexibility. Experience the ultimate lakeside getaway at The Lake House!


Introducing the Barn Cabin, a beautifully renovated 1930s logging barn nestled just a stone’s throw away from the Lake Moxie Camps property. This enchanting cabin can accommodate up to 14 guests, making it an ideal retreat for groups and families seeking an idyllic escape.

Boasting three private bedrooms, two well-appointed bathrooms, a spacious enclosed porch, and a campfire area, the Barn Cabin is the epitome of rustic charm and comfort. Just a short stroll from the lake and the river trip check-in, adventure and relaxation are right at your doorstep.

Weekends require a 2-night minimum stay, with rates starting at $500 + tax for up to 12 guests. The Barn Cabin features a full kitchen, a gas grill, and a large fire pit for unforgettable evenings under the stars. The sleeping arrangements are versatile and cozy, with bedroom 1 offering 1 twin and 1 double bed, bedroom 2 featuring 2 twin bunks, 1 double, and 1 twin bed, and bedroom 3 providing a private bath, 1 double, and 1 twin bed. There’s even a pull-out couch for added convenience. Immerse yourself in the captivating charm of the Barn Cabin for a memorable getaway!


Step back in time and experience the charm of our cozy “Camps,” reminiscent of a bygone era. These historic cabins, built in the late 1920s, once catered to travelers and sportsmen arriving on trains from Boston and New York. Painstakingly renovated, these camps now provide a delightfully comfortable alternative to traditional camping or platform tents.

Each camp is equipped with modern amenities such as electricity and heating, while retaining its authentic character. Inside, you’ll find four double bunks complete with linens, ensuring a restful night’s sleep for up to eight people. Relax on the porch with its inviting chairs, or gather around the campfire pit and picnic table to share stories and laughter under the starry night sky.

For a 4/8 person cabin, the rate is $200 for the first four guests, with an additional $25 per person for each extra guest. For a smaller 2/4 person cabin, the rate is $150, plus $25 per additional person.

Immerse yourself in the rustic charm and simple pleasures of these historic Maine camps, and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.


Elevate your outdoor experience with our cozy platform tents, a delightful blend of comfort and adventure that transcends traditional camping. These unique abodes feature wooden fronts and bunk beds with mattresses, providing a snug retreat for groups ranging from two to eight people. Equipped with electricity, you’ll enjoy the convenience of modern amenities while being surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Each platform tent is accompanied by a personal fire pit and picnic table, where you can gather with friends or family to share a meal, swap stories, or simply bask in the warmth of the crackling fire under the vast, starlit sky.

For a 2-3 person tent, the rate is a flat $75, while for a larger 4-8 person tent, the cost is only $25 per person, plus tax. Embrace the allure of the great outdoors and create cherished memories in these comfortable and inviting platform tents.


Immerse yourself in the heart of Maine’s stunning wilderness by choosing one of our picturesque campsites, either nestled by the lakeside or situated in our expansive upper field. All campsites are thoughtfully equipped with a fire pit and picnic table, creating the perfect setting for gathering with loved ones, sharing meals, and enjoying the serenity of nature.

Experience the beauty of lakeside camping for just $15 per person per night for youth and $20 per person per night for adults, plus tax. Awaken to breathtaking views and the soothing sounds of the lake, making for a truly unforgettable stay.

Our location in the heart of Maine’s great outdoors offers endless opportunities for exploration and adventure. Our traditional Maine lodge, complete with a screened-in porch, is open all night, providing a cozy and welcoming space to relax after a day of activities.

For those eager to embark on river adventures, check-in is conveniently available on-site, allowing you a leisurely start to your morning before setting out on your thrilling rafting excursion. Don’t forget to request breakfast, which can be arranged to fuel you up for the day ahead.


Discover the exhilarating world of whitewater rafting with Moxie Outdoor Adventures, the premier destination for unforgettable rafting experiences in New England. With a dozen thrilling adventures spanning across Maine, we kick off the season by tackling the mighty Housatonic River in Connecticut.

Embark on a heart-pounding adventure as you conquer the pristine waters of three of Maine’s most majestic rivers: the Kennebec River, the Dead River, and the Penobscot River. With Moxie Outdoor Adventures as your trusted guide, you’ll not only enjoy an incredible vacation value but also create a treasure trove of memories that will last a lifetime. Rest assured, no prior experience is required when you raft with Moxie – we’ve got you covered!

At Moxie Outdoor Adventures, we provide everything you need for the ultimate rafting experience: state-of-the-art self-bailing rafts, expert and entertaining guides, delicious meals, and stunning lake and riverfront lodging and camping options. So go ahead and dive into the wild and untamed waters of New England’s rivers for an adrenaline-filled journey you’ll never forget!

P: 207-663-2036



Embark on an exhilarating Class IV+ whitewater rafting adventure on Maine’s Kennebec River, where the excitement is perfect for thrill-seekers and families alike. As you navigate through the towering granite walls of the Kennebec Gorge, brace yourself for massive waves up ahead. The river surges for 12 exhilarating miles, carving a path through the breathtaking gorge and crashing into Class III-IV+ rapids like “Big Mama,” “Whitewasher,” and “The Alleyway.” The pinnacle of your adventure is the thrilling run through the legendary Class IV+ Magic Falls.

Families with younger children can choose to ride in a row frame raft or join the trip at the Middle River access point, where numerous Class III+ rapids offer ample opportunities for swimming and savoring the river experience, including a relaxing stop for lunch along the riverbank. For the adrenaline junkies, sports boats are available to crank up the thrill factor.

Children aged 10 and under are required to ride in a row frame or join the trip at the middle gorge access point. An additional $15.00 per person applies for sports boats or row frames.

Experience the most popular guided whitewater rafting trip in Maine, featuring world-class rapids and awe-inspiring scenery. Full and half-day trips are available daily.

Kennebec Full Day Rafting:

  • Trip Length: 1 Day
  • Difficulty: 4+
  • Minimum Age: 10 yrs
  • Price: $70 – $110

Conquer all the major rapids and soak in the spectacular scenery of the Kennebec River Gorge. Check-in at 9:00 AM and wrap up by 1:00 PM.

Please note that all rafters are required to wear a face mask or neck gaiter per the Governor’s order until further notice.

Kennebec River 1/2 Day Class IV Daily:

  • Difficulty: 4+
  • Minimum Age: 10 yrs
  • Price: $70 – $80

Introduce the whole family to the exhilarating rapids of the Kennebec River Gorge in a safe and exciting way!

Row Frame paddle assist:

  • Trip Length: 1 Day
  • Difficulty: 4
  • Minimum Age: 7 yrs
  • Price: $95 – $114


Secure your thrilling adventure with just a 50% deposit, which guarantees your reservation and is fully refundable up to 30 days before your unforgettable journey begins.

Planning a group outing? We’ve got you covered! Our group reservation system makes it easy for individual members to join your trip and pay online, streamlining the process and ensuring a seamless experience for everyone.

Please note that the remaining balance is due 30 days prior to your trip. Should you need to cancel within 30 days of your adventure, we regret to inform you that your deposit will be non-refundable. However, we always strive to provide exceptional customer service and will do our best to accommodate any changes or special requests.

Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on an extraordinary experience filled with excitement and lasting memories!

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