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Magic Falls Rafting

Discover the Thrills of Maine’s Wild Waters

Magic Falls Rafting Company

Nestled in the heart of Maine, Magic Falls Rafting stands as a beacon for thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts alike. Founded in 1989 by Dave and Donna Neddeau, this family-operated company has dedicated itself to delivering exhilarating whitewater rafting experiences on Maine’s iconic rivers. With over three decades of expertise, Magic Falls Rafting isn’t just about navigating the rapids; it’s about embracing the wild spirit of Maine’s untamed waters.

Rafting on the Kennebec & Dead Rivers

A Journey of Heart-Pounding Excitement

Embark on a journey down two of Maine’s most renowned rivers: the mighty Kennebec and the thrilling Dead River. The Kennebec River, known for its powerful currents and challenging rapids, offers an adrenaline-packed adventure that is sure to get your heart racing. For the more seasoned rafters, the Dead River awaits with the longest continuous stretch of Class III-V whitewater in the East, presenting an unmatched challenge and excitement.

Safety & Experience at the Forefront

At Magic Falls Rafting, safety is more than a priority – it’s a commitment. Our experienced guides are not only experts in navigating these turbulent waters but are also dedicated to ensuring that every rafter, whether a novice or a seasoned expert, enjoys a safe and unforgettable journey.

Our rafting adventures are about more than just the thrill. They’re an invitation to immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Maine’s natural landscapes. As you conquer the rapids, the surrounding pristine forests, rugged terrains, and occasional wildlife sightings offer a harmonious blend of excitement and tranquility.

Magic Falls Rafting

A Maine Family Legacy

Celebrating over 34 years of whitewater rafting, we at Magic Falls Rafting see each trip as an opportunity to share our passion for the river’s unending flow. Our small group approach ensures a personalized experience, blending safety with heart-touching and soul-stirring adventures.

From our humble beginnings to now boasting over 40 rafts, inflatable kayaks, and a seasoned team of guides, Magic Falls Rafting has grown while maintaining its core values. Our accommodations, including the Dead River Lodge and Rivers Inn, cater to various preferences, ensuring comfort after an exhilarating day on the river.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Adventure

Magic Falls Rafting invites you to let the river be yours, too. Whether you’re a thrill-seeking adventurer or a family looking to create new memories, we’re here to guide you through the exhilarating and scenic waters of Maine. So, shed your worries, embrace the laughter, and experience the natural high with us at Magic Falls Rafting.

Experience the Thrills of Whitewater Rafting

Maine White Water Rafting Trips: A Must-Do Adventure

Magic Falls Rafting, located in the picturesque West Forks, Maine, invites you to experience the excitement and beauty of Maine’s white water. Offering rafting adventures on the Kennebec and Dead Rivers, we cater to adventurers of all levels, whether you’re seeking thrilling rapids or a peaceful float. With group discounts for various groups and the option of tubing and raft rentals, there’s something for everyone here at Magic Falls.

Kennebec River Whitewater Rafting: A Journey through Majestic Rapids

Join us for a one-day adventure on the Kennebec River, navigating the renowned Kennebec Gorge with rapids like Big Mama and White Washer, and the iconic Magic Falls. Concluding the trip is a delightful meal and a show of your rafting highlights. Don’t miss the Kennebec High Water releases for an extraordinary rafting experience.

Rates & Surcharges

  • Regular trips from $85-$119 per person (minimum age: 10 years).
  • Additional fees: $7.00 per person for State of Maine taxes and road fees.

Magic Rivers Multi-Gorge Adventure

For the Thrill-Seekers

  • Twice the run, twice the fun! Raft the Upper Kennebec Gorge twice, with a BBQ to follow.
  • Price: $139 per person (minimum age 10).
  • A fee of $12.00 per person for the State of Maine Access levy.

Dead River Whitewater Rafting

The Ultimate Wild Adventure

  • Tackle nearly continuous class II-V rapids over 15 miles.
  • 2023 Big Water release days scheduled.
  • Price: $109.00 per person (minimum age: 12 years).
  • Add $10.00 per person for Sport Boat experience.

Group Discounts

  • Special rates for various groups, including church and youth groups.
  • A Maine State Access Fee and meals tax of $15.00 per person in addition to the Dead River trip rate.

Cheap Thrills: A Budget-Friendly Rafting Option

  • Experience the Kennebec Gorge’s Class III-IV rapids at an affordable price.
  • Price: $49 per person (minimum age 10).
  • State of Maine Access levy of $7 per person.

Magic Rivers Multi-Gorge Adventure: Double the Excitement

  • A specialized trip for thrill-seekers, rafting the Upper Kennebec Gorge twice.
  • Price: $139 (minimum age 10).
  • State of Maine River Access Levy and meals tax fee of $14.00 per person.

Reservations & Trip Policy

  • Non-refundable deposit required at reservation; final balance due 1 month prior.
  • Rescheduling allowed with more than 48 hours’ notice.
  • Additional surcharges for road use fees and taxes.

Rafting Rates & Dates

Kennebec & Dead Rivers Whitewater Adventures

Magic Falls Rafting invites you to experience the thrill of Maine’s whitewater on the Kennebec and Dead Rivers. Your adventure includes a licensed Maine whitewater river guide, safety equipment (PFD, helmet, and paddle), and a hearty post-trip barbecue with a choice of steak, chicken, fish, or a veggie burger. Please be aware that during early and late seasons, wetsuit rentals may be necessary for $20 due to weather conditions. Additional fees include a user fee of $7.00 per person for Kennebec trips and $15.00 for Dead River trips to cover state taxes and fees.

Kennebec River Rates

  • June, September, October: $85.00 pp (Includes BBQ)
  • July and August: Sunday-Friday $99, Saturday $119, Cheap Thrills Upper Gorge Trip $49
  • Big Water Release (8000 cfs) Dates: July 3rd $99.00 pp, September 9th and 23rd $85.00 pp
  • Weekend Upper Gorge Adventure: $169.00 pp
  • Indigenous Peoples Weekend (Oct. 8 & 9): $85 pp

Dead River Rates

  • Fall Release: $109.00 pp on select dates
  • Labor Day Weekend Special: $159.00 pp for 1 Day Kennebec, 1 Day Dead River
  • Customer Appreciation Weekend (Sept. 16 & 17): $129.00 pp for 1 Day Dead, 1 Day Kennebec
  • Final Trip of 2023 (Oct. 7): $109.00 pp

Magic Rivers Multi-Gorge Adventure

For those seeking high-adventure thrills, the Multi-Gorge trip on the Kennebec River is ideal. At $139 per person, this trip includes two runs of the Upper Kennebec Gorge through Class III-V whitewater. An additional fee of $12.00 per person covers state taxes and road fees.

Sport Boat – Whitewater Raft

Add an extra thrill by opting for a sport boat for an additional $10.00 per person to the price of the regular trip.

Wetsuit Rentals

Full wetsuits are available for $25 per day, with booties for $8.00.

Special Discounts

  • Maine Residents: 10% off on any regular-priced Kennebec or Dead River trip
  • Kids Raft Half Price: Kids age 15 and under raft for half-price on weekdays in July & August with a full-paying adult

Lodging Options

  • Dead River Lodge: King $109, Queen $99, Bunk $45 per room/night plus tax
  • River’s Inn: $500 for up to 8 people, $50.00 for each additional person plus tax
  • Campground: $25.00 plus tax pp per night
  • Cabin Tents: $30.00 plus tax pp per night

Book Online or Receive a Quote

For reservations or a detailed quote, visit Magic Falls Rafting’s website, complete the online planning form, or call 1-800-207-7238. Remember, rates are subject to a user fee to cover state taxes and road fees.

Tubing with Magic Falls

Leisurely River Tubing on the Kennebec River

Looking for a laid-back outdoor activity? Tubing at Magic Falls Rafting offers a serene and enjoyable way to experience the beauty of Maine’s Kennebec River. This self-guided, five-mile tubing adventure down the lower Kennebec River is a perfect way to spend a relaxing afternoon, surrounded by the picturesque scenery of Maine.

Trip Details:

  • Duration: The tubing experience lasts approximately 2 to 2.5 hours.
  • Time: Available from 12 to 3 pm.
  • Route: The journey begins at The Forks Bridge and concludes at “The Fishing Hole” on Route 201.
  • Transportation: Magic Falls provides transportation to the put-in location and from the take-out back to the base.
  • Equipment: Each participant receives a tube and a personal flotation device (PFD).
  • Extras: Magic Falls offers one complimentary tube per party for carrying food and beverages. You are welcome to bring your own refreshments.


  • Cost: The tubing experience is priced at $25 per person.
  • Check-In: Participants are requested to check in at noon at the Magic Falls Base Camp.

Raft Rentals for a Do-It-Yourself Adventure

For those who prefer a more hands-on adventure, Magic Falls also offers raft rentals. This is an excellent option for groups who have whitewater guiding experience and wish to embark on a self-guided journey on the Kennebec.

Raft Rental Details:

  • Raft Sizes: 13-15 foot rafts are available. Sport boats (6 rafters) and 15-foot rafts (8 passengers) are both $200 per day.
  • Inclusions: Personal flotation devices and paddles are provided.
  • Transportation: Magic Falls will transport the raft to the launch site and pick it up at the end of your trip.
  • Rental Policy: Advance reservations are necessary. Full refunds are provided for cancellations made at least 5 days in advance. A rental agreement, waiver form, and a rental damage deposit of $300 per boat (via credit card authorization) are required.

Lost or Damaged Equipment Fees:

  • Personal Flotation Device: $65.00
  • Paddle: $15.00
  • Helmet: $10.00
  • Raft Repair: $65/hour plus materials

Whether you’re looking to unwind on a leisurely tubing trip or seeking a more independent rafting adventure, Magic Falls Rafting offers the perfect way to experience the Kennebec River’s tranquility and excitement. Book your adventure and bask in the serene waters of Maine.

Embark on an Unforgettable Adventure with Magic Falls Rafting

Dive into the heart-pounding excitement of white water rafting with Magic Falls Rafting, a family-owned company that’s been providing thrilling river adventures in Maine for over 35 years. Located in the picturesque West Forks, Maine, Magic Falls Rafting offers an unforgettable experience on the Kennebec and Dead Rivers, renowned for their exhilarating rapids and breathtaking scenery.

Why Choose Magic Falls Rafting?

  • Diverse Rafting Experiences: Magic Falls Rafting caters to all adventure levels, offering trips on the Kennebec and Dead Rivers. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of Class IV rapids or a more relaxed river experience, they have an adventure waiting for you.
  • Comfortable Accommodations: Enhance your adventure with various lodging options, including a campground with campsites and cabin tents, the air-conditioned Dead River Lodge, and the River’s Inn for groups.
  • Safety and Expertise: Your safety is a top priority at Magic Falls Rafting. Their experienced and skilled guides ensure a safe and enjoyable journey, equipped with top-notch safety gear and rafts.
  • Affordable and Value-Packed Trips: Enjoy great-value rafting trips, complete with a barbecue meal post-adventure. Special packages and rates are available for families, youth groups, and affinity groups, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious travelers.
  • Easy Booking and Special Offers: Booking your rafting trip is simple and straightforward. Call 1-800-207-7238 or visit their website for online reservations.

Connect with Magic Falls Rafting

Ready for Adventure?

Magic Falls Rafting invites you to experience the thrill of Maine’s white water in a safe, fun, and affordable way. Book your rafting trip today and prepare for an adventure that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime!

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