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Gnocchi Nirvana

A Culinary Journey

from Roughcut Food Labs

Welcome to your ultimate destination for exploring the delightful world of gnocchi here at The Dead River Collective. In partnership with Roughcut Food Labs, we have compiled a vast and varied collection of gnocchi recipes, spanning from cherished traditional favorites to innovative modern twists.

Gnocchi, the beloved pillowy dumplings made from potatoes, flour, and egg, have a rich history and are a staple in many Italian cuisines. They offer a unique canvas for a variety of flavors and ingredients, resulting in endless possibilities for creativity in the kitchen.

Our partner, Roughcut Food Labs, brings their culinary expertise and passion for innovation to our community, ensuring that each recipe is not just a set of instructions but a gateway to a world of culinary delight. Whether you are a gnocchi aficionado or trying your hand at making these dumplings for the first time, our collection is designed to inspire and guide you through the art of gnocchi making.

Join us at The Dead River Collective, where “Gnocchi Nirvana” unfolds the secrets of creating perfect gnocchi every time. Discover the joy of making these versatile dumplings, experiment with different flavors and sauces, and share your culinary creations with our community. Let’s celebrate the love of food, the joy of cooking, and the art of gnocchi making together. Explore, create, and indulge in “Gnocchi Nirvana” today!


Discover the world of gnocchi, where these little dumplings shine in a variety of sauces and preparations. Learn the secrets to making perfect gnocchi at home and explore new ways to enjoy this Italian classic.

Wild Mushroom Gnocchi w/ Tomato Herb Drizzle

Maine Forest Harvest Wild Mushroom Gnocchi w/ Tomato Herb Drizzle Deep within the verdant forests of Maine, nature unveils a...
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Rustic Golden Gnocchi

Maine Homestead Meal Rustic Golden Gnocchi There are meals that warm the belly, and then there are meals that warm...
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“Gnocchi Nirvana” is a flavorful journey through the world of gnocchi, and we invite you to be a part of it. Here are several ways you can contribute and help enrich our gnocchi-loving community:

  1. Share Your Gnocchi Creations: Tried a recipe from our collection? We’d love to see your culinary masterpieces! Share photos and descriptions of your gnocchi dishes on social media and tag The Dead River Collective.
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By participating in these ways, you help to sustain and grow “Gnocchi Nirvana,” making it a richer and more flavorful experience for everyone involved. So, whether you’re rolling out your own gnocchi dough or just here to explore, we welcome you to join us in celebrating this timeless and delicious dish. Let’s create, share, and indulge in the art of gnocchi making together at The Dead River Collective!