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Forested Potato Mash w/ Sunset Onions

Maine Wilderness Comfort

Forested Potato Mash w/ Sunset Onions

Maine, known for its thick, rolling forests and sun-kissed shores, has always been synonymous with a sense of rustic serenity. It is a state that seamlessly marries the best of wilderness with coastal beauty, offering its residents and visitors an unparalleled experience of nature’s bounty. Much like its diverse landscapes, the culinary traditions of Maine are rich, grounded, and echo the state’s deep connection with the land and sea.

For anyone who’s ever set foot in Maine, there’s an unmistakable connection between its wilderness and the comforting, heart-warming dishes that are reminiscent of this place. And if there were a dish that could effortlessly encapsulate Maine’s essence, it would undeniably be the “Forested Potato Mash w/ Sunset Onions”.

Potatoes have a long-standing history in Maine, deeply rooted in its agricultural practices. The state’s unique climate, with its crisp air and nutrient-rich soil, provides an ideal setting for these tubers to thrive. The mix of russet and yukon potatoes in this recipe isn’t just a gastronomic choice but a nod to the state’s abundant produce. Russets, with their fluffy interiors, and Yukons, known for their buttery texture, come together to form a base that’s both creamy and hearty.

As we delve deeper into this dish, the sunset onions make their grand appearance, evoking the mesmerizing sunsets of Maine’s coastlines. The imagery of the golden sun casting its glow over the waters, turning everything it touches into shades of gold and amber, is mirrored in the onions as they caramelize, embodying that very spectacle in a pan.

It’s not just about the ingredients or the flavors, but the memories these dishes invoke. The addition of fresh thyme isn’t merely a flavor enhancer but a whiff of Maine’s wilderness, transporting the diner to a tranquil forest setting, even if momentarily. Each bite is akin to a journey, a forest trail leading to a seaside sunset.

To enjoy the Forested Potato Mash w/ Sunset Onions is to embrace Maine’s spirit – the rugged charm of its forests and the calming allure of its sunsets. It’s a dish that invites you to gather around a hearth, to share stories of adventures in the Pine Tree State, and to feel the warm embrace of comfort food that’s been crafted with love.

Forested Potato Mash w/ Sunset Onions

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Forested Potato Mash

  • 6-7 medium peeled potatoes a mix of 75% russet and 25% yukon potatoes is ideal
  • 6-8 Tablespoons butter room temperature recommended
  • 2 Tablespoons milk
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • salt & pepper to your preference
  • fresh thyme optional for a hint of the wild

Sunset Onions

  • 1 large yellow onion sliced thinly for those delicate strands
  • 2 Tablespoons butter or oil
  • salt & pepper as you fancy


  • Kick off by preparing the potatoes and onions. Start with peeling the potatoes and then cutting them into substantial, even chunks. Those onions? Slice them into slender, elegant strands.
  • Once the potatoes are peeled, give them a quick rinse, shedding any extra starch. Into a pot they go, with cold water ensuring they’re generously submerged with an additional ½” atop. Add salt; you’d want a slightly briny touch to the water.
  • Now, it’s showtime! Bring the potatoes to a gentle, rolling boil. Cook them for about 15-20 minutes, aiming for that perfect softness where a fork just glides through. A little tip: poke them around 12 minutes to avoid any overcooking mishaps.
  • Parallelly, as the potatoes dance in the pot, let’s turn the onions into golden strands reminiscent of a Maine sunset. Heat 2 Tbsp of butter or oil in a pan. Once it’s all melty and bubbly, in go the onions. Keep the heat low, aiming for onions that turn a rich, golden hue. This might take 20-40 minutes, based on how caramelized you like them. A little stir here and there ensures even browning. Once they’re done, season them and set aside.
  • Back to our potatoes. Once they’re tender to perfection, drain and mash them in their pot. As you mash, blend in the 6-8 Tbsp of butter, adjusting as per the size of your potatoes and your love for butter. Aiming for creamier potatoes? Stir in the milk now. Season them with garlic powder, maybe a touch of fresh thyme, and more salt & pepper. Now, gently swirl in the sunset onions.
  • Serve your Maine-inspired dish with a sprinkle of fresh thyme or perhaps a drizzle of your favorite gravy. Ensure it’s piping hot and wait for the encore requests. Dive in and enjoy the comfort of the wilderness!

As the evening light fades and the room is filled with the gentle clinking of cutlery and murmurs of contentment, it’s easy to appreciate the magic of such recipes. They’re not just meals; they are experiences, reminders of places and times cherished. And while the dish may be finished and the plates cleared away, the warmth and memories linger, much like a Maine sunset that, once witnessed, leaves an indelible mark on the soul.

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