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Dips & Spreads

Dip In, Spread Out

Savoring Flavors

from Roughcut Food Labs

Embark on a culinary journey of taste and texture with “Dip In, Spread Out,” The Dead River Collective’s exquisite collection of dips and spreads recipes. In collaboration with our esteemed partners at Roughcut Food Labs, we’ve curated a selection that ranges from cherished local specialties and timeless vintage recipes to innovative modern concoctions.

“Dip In, Spread Out” is more than just a recipe collection; it’s a celebration of flavors, a playground for your palate, and an invitation to explore the diverse world of dips and spreads. Whether you’re looking to impress guests, add a zing to your meals, or simply indulge in some flavorful experimentation, our compilation has something to satisfy every craving.

With the culinary expertise of Roughcut Food Labs, we ensure that each recipe is not only mouthwateringly delicious but also accessible, regardless of your cooking skills. They share valuable tips and tricks to guide you through the process, helping you to create perfect dips and spreads every time.

So, grab your crackers, chop your veggies, and ready your bread – it’s time to “Dip In, Spread Out” and discover the world of flavors waiting for you. Together with The Dead River Collective and Roughcut Food Labs, let’s transform simple ingredients into extraordinary experiences. Welcome to our community of flavor enthusiasts and happy spreading!

Dips & Spreads

Enhance your snack time with our collection of dips and spreads. From creamy hummus to zesty salsa, these recipes are perfect for parties, picnics, or just a casual nibble.

Roasted Root Vegetable Pesto

Maine Forest Magic Roasted Root Vegetable Pesto Ah, Maine—a land filled with evergreen forests, tranquil rivers, and abundant gardens that...
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Homestead Lemony Garlic Bread w/ Whipped Pecorino & Rosemary

Savoring Rustic Elegance Homestead Lemony Garlic Bread w/ Whipped Pecorino & Rosemary Dive into the heart of rustic culinary delight...
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Woodland Roasted Poblano & Garlic Pesto

Maine Countryside Fusion Woodland Roasted Poblano & Garlic Pesto When you think of Maine, the first images that often come...
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Maine Root Vegetable Dip

Downeast Comfort Maine Root Vegetable Dip Ah, Maine. Known for its rugged coastlines, maritime history, and natural beauty, there's so...
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Maine Woodsman’s Spiced Bean Dip

Forest Feasts Maine Woodsman's Spiced Bean Dip In the dense pine forests and rocky coastlines of Maine, the culinary traditions...
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Harvest Garden Veggie & Nut Sandwich Spread

Garden Goodness Harvest Garden Veggie & Nut Sandwich Spread Welcome to a world where fresh flavors and textures come alive...
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Seaside Tuna Salad on a Crisp

Homestead Harbor Delight Seaside Tuna Salad on a Crisp There's a magic about Maine that's hard to describe. The moment...
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Harbor Delight Clam & Cream Cheese Dip

A Seaside Sensation Harbor Delight Clam & Cream Cheese Dip Embark on a culinary voyage with our Harbor Delight Clam...
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Maine Cucumber Delight

Homestead Freshness Maine Cucumber Delight Maine, with its rugged coastline, picturesque lighthouses, and dense pine forests, has always been a...
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Maine Smashed Navy Beans w/ Feta

Homestead Comforts Maine Smashed Navy Beans w/ Feta Maine, with its rugged coastline, rolling mountains, and dense forests, isn't just...
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Rustic Chili Queso Dip

Maine Campfire Delight Rustic Chili Queso Dip The great state of Maine has often been painted with the brush of...
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Maine Homestead Creamy Liptauer

A Taste of Tradition Maine Homestead Creamy Liptauer Indulge in the rich, tangy flavors of Maine Homestead Creamy Liptauer, a...
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Maine Farmhouse Pickle Hummus

A Taste of Homesteading Maine Farmhouse Pickle Hummus In the picturesque landscapes of Maine, where rolling farmlands kiss the sky...
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Maple-Braised Onion & Cheddar Dip

Lighthouse Legends Maple-Braised Onion & Cheddar Dip Maine is more than just its craggy coastline and iconic lighthouses; it's a...
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Spicy Homestead Cheese Blend

Maine Farmhouse Fiesta Spicy Homestead Cheese Blend Amidst Maine's iconic backdrop of sprawling pine forests, shimmering lakes, and jagged coastlines...
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Rustic Homestead Cheese Spread

Savoring Every Bit Rustic Homestead Cheese Spread Embrace the art of transformation and sustainability with our Rustic Homestead Cheese Spread,...
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Pine Tree State Ham Salad

Maine Homestead Pine Tree State Ham Salad Ah, the great state of Maine! Known for its stunning landscapes, rich maritime...
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Forest Harvest Avocado Sauce

Discovering the Lushness of Nature Forest Harvest Avocado Sauce Step into a culinary forest glade with our Forest Harvest Avocado...
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Wild Blueberry Balsamic Spread

Maine Homestead Memories Wild Blueberry Balsamic Spread The northern wilderness of Maine is synonymous with wild blueberries. These tiny orbs...
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Rustic Gouda & Caramelized Shallot Spread

Savoring Comfort in Every Bite Rustic Gouda & Caramelized Shallot Spread Dive into the heartwarming world of homely flavors with...
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Dive Deeper & Spread the Word

How You Can Enhance and Share the Experience

The world of dips and spreads is vast and delicious, and we invite you to be an active participant in our community of flavor explorers. Here’s how you can help enrich the “Dip In, Spread Out” experience for everyone:

  1. Share Your Favorites: Found a recipe on our page that you absolutely loved? Don’t keep it to yourself! Share your culinary creations on social media and tag The Dead River Collective. Let the world see your delicious dips and splendid spreads.
  2. Submit Your Own Recipes: Have a secret family recipe for an amazing dip or spread? Or perhaps a personal creation you’re particularly proud of? Submit it to us and it might be featured on “Dip In, Spread Out,” helping to grow our collection and share local, vintage, and modern flavors.
  3. Test and Feedback: Choose a recipe from our collection, give it a try, and let us know how it went. Your feedback is invaluable, helping us to refine recipes, understand what works, and continue providing high-quality content.
  4. Engage with Posts: Like, comment, and share our dips and spreads posts. Your engagement not only supports The Dead River Collective but also helps to create a vibrant community of food enthusiasts.
  5. Spread the Word: Know other foodies who would love to dive into dips and spread out with us? Invite them to check out our page and join our flavorful journey.
  6. Connect with Roughcut Food Labs: Explore the culinary expertise of Roughcut Food Labs and see how their innovative approaches to food can inspire your dip and spread creations.

By contributing in these ways, you help to create a thriving community where the love for dips, spreads, and culinary creativity is shared freely. So, are you ready to take the plunge and spread the joy? Let’s savor the flavors together at The Dead River Collective!