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The Artisan’s Oven

Mastering the Craft of Bread Baking

from Roughcut Food Labs

Welcome to a haven for bread lovers, bakers, and anyone fascinated by the timeless art of bread making. At The Dead River Collective, we have cultivated a space that celebrates the simple yet profound act of transforming flour, water, yeast, and salt into delicious and nourishing loaves of bread. Our collection of bread recipes is a homage to the diverse world of bread baking, showcasing a range of styles, flavors, and techniques that have been cherished across generations and cultures.

In partnership with Roughcut Food Labs, we bring to you an exquisite compilation of bread recipes that traverse the spectrum from rustic, hearty loaves to refined, delicate pastries. Whether you are a seasoned baker with a passion for sourdough and artisanal breads, or a beginner eager to learn the basics of yeast breads and quick breads, our blog is designed to guide, inspire, and elevate your baking journey.

Discover local bread specialties that capture the unique flavors and traditions of our community, delve into vintage recipes that reconnect us with the past, and experiment with modern twists that reflect contemporary baking trends. Roughcut Food Labs, with their culinary expertise and dedication to preserving culinary heritage while fostering innovation, ensures that every recipe is both authentic and accessible.

Here, we believe that bread baking is more than just a culinary endeavor; it is a form of artistry, a meditative practice, and a way to connect with both our roots and our community. Each recipe is accompanied by detailed instructions, expert tips, and a sprinkle of baking wisdom to ensure your success in the kitchen.

So, preheat your ovens, dust off your kneading boards, and join us in celebrating the magic of bread baking. Welcome to “The Artisan’s Oven” – your gateway to the wonderful world of breads, where every loaf tells a story, and the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. Let’s bake, share, and savor the incomparable joy of freshly baked bread together!


Uncover the joys of home baking with our collection of bread recipes. Whether you’re a novice baker or a seasoned pro, you’ll find a variety of loaves, rolls, and flatbreads to suit every taste and occasion.

Spiced Pumpkin Swirl Bread

Maine's Autumn Glory Spiced Pumpkin Swirl Bread When you think of Maine in autumn, a few things might come to...
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Harvest Beet Symphony Focaccia

Rustic Roots Harvest Beet Symphony Focaccia Welcome to a delightful and innovative twist on classic Italian bread with our Harvest...
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Tangy Pickled Loaf

Homestead Delight Tangy Pickled Loaf The coastline of Maine is not just a stretch of scenic splendor; it's a symbol...
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Fruity Pebbles Breakfast Bread

Pine State Crunch Fruity Pebbles Breakfast Bread, Maine-Style Ah, Maine! Known for its rugged coastlines, scenic landscapes, and of course,...
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Maple Walnut Crispbread

Pine Forest Delight Maple Walnut Crispbread Maine, a state drenched in rich cultural tapestry and exquisite natural beauty, offers an...
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Maine Woodsy Garlic & Herb Dinner Rolls

Homestead Hearth and Comfort Maine Woodsy Garlic & Herb Dinner Rolls When you live amid the scenic beauty of Maine,...
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Maine Homestead Cheddar Herb Bread

Harvest Moonrise Maine Homestead Cheddar Herb Bread When autumn rolls in, the Maine landscape transitions into a captivating tapestry of...
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Maine Coastal Cornmeal Biscuits

Savoring the Spirit of the Pine Tree State Maine Coastal Cornmeal Biscuits Ahoy, culinary explorers! Today we're sailing along the...
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Maine Garden Nasturtium Infused Loaf

A Floral Twist on Homestyle Baking Maine Garden Nasturtium Infused Loaf Embark on a delightful culinary journey with our Maine...
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Maine Sharp Cheddar & Jalapeño Bread

Fireside Homestead Bites Maine Sharp Cheddar & Jalapeño Bread Ah, the great state of Maine—a place where the land is...
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Maple-Sweetened Homestead Babka

A Slice of Maine Tradition Maple-Sweetened Homestead Babka Maine is a state of endless forests, craggy coastlines, and culinary gems...
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Harvest Meadow Cheese & Herb Soda Bread

Rustic Delight Harvest Meadow Cheese & Herb Soda Bread Step into the heartwarming world of homestyle baking with our Harvest...
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Maine Cabin Caramelized Onion & Cheese Biscuits

Homestead Hearth's Delight Maine Cabin Caramelized Onion & Cheese Biscuits In the heart of New England, amidst its verdant forests...
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Rustic Maine Maple Sourdough Pizza Crust

Homesteading Haven Rustic Maine Maple Sourdough Pizza Crust Amidst the pines and granite of Maine's rugged landscape, homesteading offers more...
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Rustic Trail Pull-Apart Bread

Homestead Delight Rustic Trail Pull-Apart Bread In the heart of Maine, where the verdant foliage whispers stories of the ancient...
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Maine Apple & Maple Biscuits w/ Maple Butter Glaze

From Acadia Orchards to Your Table Maine Apple & Maple Biscuits with Maple Butter Glaze Ah, the apple orchards of...
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Maine Blueberry Gingerbread Delight

Pine State Plates Maine Blueberry Gingerbread Delight Maine, known for its lush forests, stunning coastlines, and, of course, its blueberries....
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Wilderness Crusty Bread

Homestead Hearthside Wilderness Crusty Bread Maine, with its expansive forests, shimmering coastlines, and picturesque landscapes, has always been a state...
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Maple-Caramelized Onion Sourdough Biscuits

Pine State Delight Maple-Caramelized Onion Sourdough Biscuits Maine has a way of tugging at the heartstrings like no other state....
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