Brand: LifeTime Vitamins

Calm & Calmer (Lifetime)

LifeTime Vitamins Calm & Calmer Anti-Stress Formula is made with Relora, Rodiola Rosae and L-Theanine. Calm & Calmer is a natural anti-stress adaptogen formula that includes anxiety-lowering herbs and an amino acid working synergistically to stimulate calming, anti-stress factors to help one feel relaxed but not drowsy. Calm & Calmer contains no sugar, yeast, corn, […]

Anti Anxiety Relora 250mg

Anti-Anxiety 250mg, is a natural ingredient that may support controlling stress and stress-related eating with the added value of being non-sedating. In central nervous system receptor binding assays, the plant extracts in Relora bind to several important targets associated with stress. It does not bind to the benzodiazepine receptors that would cause sedation, yet has […]

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