Brand: Dr. Willard‘s

Willard Water Dark Concentrate (Dr. Willard)

Dr. John Willard developed the original catalyst-altered water nearly half a century ago. The incredible properties of Willard Water have amazed chemists and healthcare professionals for decades. This special formulation features high concentrations of nourishing lignite organics, which give it its distinctive dark color. Dr. Willard’s Water® DARK™ Concentrate contains about half the patented catalyst […]

Willard Water Clear Concentrate (Dr. Willard’s)

Thirty years ago, Dr. John Willard discovered a way to alter the molecular structure of water. The resulting solution, now known as catalyst altered water, has been used to support personal health and increase agriculture production. Technically, the molecular structure of H2O is altered by a catalyst. When consumed regularly, Dr. Willard’s Water can help […]

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