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Spice Symphony

Discover the World of Seasonings

from Roughcut Food Labs

Welcome to a space dedicated to the vibrant and aromatic world of seasonings, brought to you by The Dead River Collective and our esteemed partner, Roughcut Food Labs. Here, we delve into an expansive spectrum of flavors, celebrating the power of spices, herbs, and seasonings to transform any dish into a culinary masterpiece.

Embark on a flavorful journey with us as we explore local, modern, and vintage seasoning recipes, each telling a unique story through its blend of ingredients. From the robust and hearty to the subtle and delicate, our blog posts are crafted to guide you through the art and science of seasoning, ensuring your dishes are always dressed to impress.

At Spice Symphony, we believe that the right seasoning can elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary, and we are here to share that magic with you. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a curious home cook, our collection of recipes, tips, and stories will inspire you to experiment, innovate, and indulge in the endless possibilities of seasonings.

Join us on this sensory adventure, and let’s create symphonies of flavor that dance on the palate and linger in the memory. Welcome to the world of Spice Symphony, where every pinch, dash, and sprinkle tells a story.


Spice up your cooking with our collection of seasoning blends and rubs. From classic herbs and spices to innovative flavor combinations, these recipes add a burst of flavor to any dish.

Maine Moroccan Magic

Homestead Flavor Journey Maine Moroccan Magic Ah, Maine! A land of lighthouses, lobster, and luminous forests. But this eastern state...
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Downeast Garlic Preserve

Maine Pantry Staples Downeast Garlic Preserve When you think about Maine, it's easy to jump straight to lobsters, lighthouses, and...
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Maple-Mustard Woodland Rub

Maine Charm Maple-Mustard Woodland Rub Maine, often dubbed "Vacationland," is not just a getaway for lobster lovers or those yearning...
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Forest-Scented Maple & Sage Butter

A Taste of the Wild Forest-Scented Maple & Sage Butter Welcome to a culinary journey deep into the heart of...
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Maine Wilderness Voodoo Spice

Homestead Alchemy Maine Wilderness Voodoo Spice Maine, a state of vast wildernesses and intricate waterways, is as much about its...
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Maine Woods Strawberry Infused Vinegar

A Symphony of Berry Flavors Maine Woods Strawberry Infused Vinegar Discover the charming blend of simplicity and flavor with our...
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Enhance the Flavor, Enrich the Community

Join Us on Our Journey of Spice and Aroma

  1. Share Your Secret Blends: Have a unique seasoning mix that’s been a hit at family gatherings? Don’t keep it to yourself! Submit your recipes and become a part of our flavorful community.
  2. Spice Up Our Blog: Are you a spice aficionado with a knack for writing? We’re always on the lookout for guest bloggers to contribute articles related to seasonings, herbs, and spices.
  3. Join the Conversation: Engage with our posts, leave comments, and share your thoughts and experiences with seasonings. Your insights could be the secret ingredient someone else needs!
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  5. Experiment and Feedback: Try out the seasoning recipes shared on our platform and let us know how it went. Your feedback helps us refine our recipes and create content that best suits your needs.

Join us in celebrating the art of seasoning, and together, let’s create a community that revels in the richness of flavors and the joy of cooking. Welcome to Seasoning Savants – where every grain, herb, and spice matters!