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I Weed ME – Stickers


Local Maine Grown, Supporting Local Maine Communities With Every Purchase!

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Add a dash of Maine pride and a pinch of cannabis advocacy to your daily life

– with our “I Weed ME – Stickers!”

Representing the importance of patient’s rights and locally grown medical cannabis, these stickers are a vibrant and unique way to express your support for your local Maine communities.

Our stickers are not only messages of advocacy but also durable pieces of high-quality craftsmanship.

Printed on a robust, high-opacity adhesive vinyl, they’re built to endure. Their design ensures they’re impervious to peeping eyes, and their versatility makes them ideal for a myriad of uses, from adding personality to your devices to covering up old paint.

The high-quality vinyl promises an easy, bubble-free application experience that’s as smooth as your support for patient’s rights.

Each sticker possesses a 95µ density, ensuring it’s just the right blend of sturdy and flexible.

Before applying, remember to clean your chosen surface to ensure optimal stickiness.

Once applied, these stickers don’t just cling – they make a statement. They’re the perfect way to showcase your values, wherever you go.

Our “I Weed ME – Stickers” are produced as soon as you place an order.

While this approach may require a slightly longer delivery time, it helps us reduce overproduction and supports a healthier environment – all thanks to your thoughtful, eco-friendly purchasing decisions.

With our “I Weed ME – Stickers,” your advocacy for medical cannabis and protection of patient’s rights in Maine won’t just be a statement.

It will be a colorful declaration of support that sticks!



The progressive medical cannabis program in Maine stands as a shining beacon in the realm of integrative and alternative healthcare solutions. It’s a dynamic reflection of Maine’s commitment to advocating the therapeutic attributes of medical cannabis, balanced with stringent guidelines to promote responsible use and ensure patient safety. This comprehensive guide delves into the heart of Maine’s medical cannabis program, detailing the quality of the cannabis produced, the ethos of responsible usage, and the process to obtain certification from a qualified healthcare provider.

Maine’s medical cannabis program epitomizes a paradigm shift in healthcare, highlighting a potential therapeutic avenue for those seeking alternative treatment options. However, this potential can only be realized when balanced with a commitment to quality, a culture of responsibility, and a thorough understanding of the certification process. By being aware of these essential aspects, patients can successfully navigate Maine’s medical cannabis landscape, ensuring that they can safely and effectively utilize medical cannabis to improve their quality of life.

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