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Live a unique Maine lifestyle.

Welcome to The Dead River Collective, where our deep-rooted heritage fuels our adventurous spirit! As proud descendants of the founding families of the Forks and West Forks in Maine, we’re thrilled to share our rich history and create an unforgettable experience just for you.

Get ready to be swept away as you discover our extraordinary collection of custom Maine apparel, accessories, outdoor gear, home and kitchen furnishings, and so much more. Our expert guides, mouthwatering family recipes, captivating local history, and valuable resources will delight Maine residents, visitors, outdoor enthusiasts, and home/professional cooks alike.

Our unique tagline, #madebythedead, is more than just a catchy phrase – it’s a testament to our ancestors’ sacrifices and our dedication to living life to the fullest. We bring a playful, lighthearted vibe to your shopping experience while staying focused on our mission to support local Maine communities, nourish families, protect the vulnerable, and preserve Maine’s breathtaking outdoors.

As your fun-loving, community-driven collective, we’re all about excitement, laughter, and strengthening our local communities. So, come on in, let your hair down, and explore our offerings with a beaming smile. Remember, when you choose The Dead River Collective, you’re not just snagging an awesome product – you’re joining a cause that’s near and dear to our hearts.


guides for every adventure in Maine

Charting New Culinary Territories

Flavor Explorers Charting New Culinary Territories Welcome to a blog post crafted for the bold and adventurous cooks out there!...
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Safeguarding the Chill Zone

Embracing the Role of Temperature Guardians Safeguarding the Chill Zone Hello, fellow culinary enthusiasts! Welcome to our special guide dedicated...
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Organizing for Optimal Preservation

Fridge Freshness Frontier Organizing for Optimal Preservation Welcome to a practical guide dedicated to unlocking the full potential of your...
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A Guide to Food Thermometers

Choosing Your Kitchen Ally A Guide to Food Thermometers Welcome to our blog, where today's spotlight is on one of...
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Ground Meat Made Easy

Your Guide to Perfect Cooking Ground Meat Made Easy Welcome to our latest cooking guide! If you're looking to up...
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Mastering Temperature

The Key to Culinary Perfection Mastering Temperature Welcome to a comprehensive guide designed to elevate your cooking to new heights...
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Conquering Kitchen Battles w/ Smart Portioning

The Strategy for Culinary Triumph Conquering Kitchen Battles w/ Smart Portioning Greetings, epicurean enthusiasts and kitchen connoisseurs! Today, we set...
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A Pro Camper’s Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Adventure

Mastering the Maine Wilderness A Pro Camper's Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Adventure Welcome to the great outdoors of Maine, where...
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The Art of Campfire Cooking

A Maine Adventure The Art of Campfire Cooking Welcome to the enchanting world of campfire cooking, a culinary tradition deeply...
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Embrace the Joy of Campfire Roasting

Unleashing Culinary Creativity in Maine’s Great Outdoors Embrace the Joy of Campfire Roasting Welcome to the delightful world of campfire...
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Mastering Gourmet Campfire Cuisine

Dutch Oven Delights Mastering Gourmet Campfire Cuisine Welcome to the scenic and lush wilderness of Maine, where the art of...
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Safe & Effective Ways to Defrost Your Food

Exploring the Trio of Thawing Techniques for Optimal Results Safe & Effective Ways to Defrost Your Food Welcome to our...
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Mastering Perishable Food Safety

Time-Sensitive Taste Mastering Perishable Food Safety Welcome to a comprehensive guide tailored for culinary enthusiasts who thrive on challenges and...
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Practical Guide to Perishable Foods

Ensuring Freshness and Safety Practical Guide to Perishable Foods Welcome to a comprehensive resource designed to help you navigate the...
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Building The Perfect Campfire In Maine

A Comprehensive Guide Building The Perfect Campfire In Maine Welcome to your ultimate guide to mastering the art of campfire...
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Efficient Fridge Organization

Keeping Your Food Fresh & Tasty Efficient Fridge Organization Welcome to our cooking blog! Today's topic is an essential yet...
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Navigating the Depths of Cooking

The Thermometer Chronicles Navigating the Depths of Cooking Welcome to a blog post crafted for culinary enthusiasts eager to delve...
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Foil Cooking in Maine

A Flavorful & Fuss-Free Adventure in the Great Outdoors Foil Cooking in Maine Maine, with its sprawling natural landscapes and...
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A Guide to Savvy Refrigeration

Leftover Wonders A Guide to Savvy Refrigeration Greetings, culinary timekeepers! Embark with us on an enlightening journey through the often-overlooked...
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Fire Mastery & Noble Meats

Unleashing the Majesty of Beef, Pork, Lamb & Veal Fire Mastery & Noble Meats Welcome to a guide dedicated to...
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DELICIOUS recipes to master your maine KITCHEN!

Rustic Pasta Delight w/ Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Homestead Harvest Rustic Pasta Delight w/ Roasted Brussel Sprouts The heart of Maine beats in rhythm with the seasons. As...
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Maine Apple Cider White Sauce

Downeast Delicacies Maine Apple Cider White Sauce Alabama has its signature White Sauce, and it's a classic that many BBQ...
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Rustic Potato & Beef Pockets

Maine Homestead Traditions Rustic Potato & Beef Pockets Maine: a land where the waves crash against rugged coastlines, forests stretch...
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Maine Maple Pulled Pork Poutine

Downeast Delights Maine Maple Pulled Pork Poutine Ah, the crisp New England air, the amber leaves drifting gently to the...
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Coastal Feta & Greens Pasta

Rustic Retreat Coastal Feta & Greens Pasta In the heart of Maine, with its undulating landscapes and picturesque coastlines, lies...
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Homestead Peanut Stew w/ Turkey

Warming Up in Maine Homestead Peanut Stew w/ Turkey When the leaves start to turn in Maine and the wind...
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Wilderness-Inspired Coffee Cake

Maine Morning Retreat Wilderness-Inspired Coffee Cake The charm of Maine isn't just in its craggy coastlines and towering lighthouses. Deep...
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Downeast Brown Butter Mashed Potatoes

Maine Comfort Food Downeast Brown Butter Mashed Potatoes Ah, Maine! A state that is as diverse in its culinary offerings...
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Tangy Pickled Loaf

Homestead Delight Tangy Pickled Loaf The coastline of Maine is not just a stretch of scenic splendor; it's a symbol...
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Maine Blueberry Gingerbread Delight

Pine State Plates Maine Blueberry Gingerbread Delight Maine, known for its lush forests, stunning coastlines, and, of course, its blueberries....
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Pine Tree State Ham Salad

Maine Homestead Pine Tree State Ham Salad Ah, the great state of Maine! Known for its stunning landscapes, rich maritime...
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Pine Tree State Pickles

Forest Harvest Pine Tree State Pickles Maine, the northeasternmost state of the U.S, has earned itself various endearing monikers over...
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Maine’s Hearty Rice Griddle Cakes

Homestead Delights Maine's Hearty Rice Griddle Cakes Ah, Maine! Known for its rugged coastline, delicious blueberries, and the unbeatable charm...
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New England Chard & Bean Medley

Homestead Harvest New England Chard & Bean Medley The state of Maine, characterized by its breathtaking coastal views, vast wilderness,...
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Forest & Field Herb Sauce

Maine Medley Forest & Field Herb Sauce When we think of Maine, the mind often wanders to the craggy coastline,...
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Pine Tree Punch

Pine Tree Punch: Maine's Spicy Lemonade Slushy Ah, Maine. Known for its lush forests, serene lakes, and the rugged Appalachian...
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Maine Root Vegetable Dip

Downeast Comfort Maine Root Vegetable Dip Ah, Maine. Known for its rugged coastlines, maritime history, and natural beauty, there's so...
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Browned Butter & Maple Herb Mashed Potatoes

Maine Harvest Delight Browned Butter and Maple Herb Mashed Potatoes In the heart of Maine, fall brings more than just...
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Maine Woodland Asparagus & Sharp Cheddar Soup

Downeast Delights Maine Woodland Asparagus and Sharp Cheddar Soup Ah, Maine. A place of endless natural beauty, where the forests...
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Maine Farmhouse Pickle Hummus

A Taste of Homesteading Maine Farmhouse Pickle Hummus In the picturesque landscapes of Maine, where rolling farmlands kiss the sky...
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Places to stay in the area

Hawks Nest Lodge

Experience Maine’s world class white water rafting, fishing, ATVing, and hiking during the spring, summer and fall. Enjoy spectacular Maine...
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Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort

Discovering the Wilderness A Journey to Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort is a premier destination for outdoor...
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Magic Falls Rafting

Discovering Maine's Wild Side Magic Falls Rafting Adventure Magic Falls Rafting, nestled in the heart of Maine, is a premier...
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West Forks Family Campground

Discover the Charm of Eco-Friendly Escapades West Forks Family Campground West Forks Family Campground in West Forks, Maine, offers a...
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Bullfrog Adventures

Dive into Maine's Wilderness Waters Bullfrog Adventures Maine, renowned for its pristine landscapes, dense forests, and glistening water bodies, offers...
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Moxie Outdoor Adventures

Thrills & Tranquility Unleashing Adventure at Moxie Outdoor Adventures Moxie Outdoor Adventures specializes in providing a variety of outdoor activities,...
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North Country Rivers

So what are you waiting for? Why not experience an unforgettable Maine adventure vacation? You’ll want to come back too...
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Maine Lakeside Resort & Event Center

The Allure of Serene Retreats & Lakeside I Dos Maine Lakeside Resort & Event Center Maine Lakeside Resort & Event...
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Northeast Whitewater

Majestic Moose & Thrilling Rapids Northeast Whitewater Nestled in the heart of Maine's wilderness, Northeast Whitewater in Shirley Mills offers...
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15 Mile Stream Lodge & Outfitters

Maine's Hidden Gem 15 Mile Stream Lodge & Outfitters Tucked away in the scenic town of West Forks, Maine, lies...
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Three Rivers Whitewater

Maine’s Premier Whitewater Rafting Outfitter Three Rivers Whitewater Nestled in the heart of New England’s stunning wilderness lies Three Rivers...
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Adventure Bound

The Ultimate Maine Adventure for Families and Youth Adventure Bound Maine, with its vast landscapes, roaring rivers, and dense forests,...
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Northeast Rafting & Tubing

Thrills & Serenity in West Forks Northeast Rafting & Tubing Nestled in the scenic heart of West Forks, Maine, Northeast...
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C. Moxie Gore Outfitters

Thank you for your interest in C. Moxie Gore Outfitters. We are very excited to offer 4-season outdoor recreation and...
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Crab Apple Whitewater

Discovering the Charm Crab Apple Whitewater in The Forks Crabapple Whitewater is a family-owned and operated adventure company located in...
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Inn By The River

A Riverside Retreat Discovering the Charm of Inn By The River Nestled in the heart of The Forks, Maine, Inn...
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Riverdriver’s Campground & Lodging

Your Base for Adventure and Comfort Discover Riverdrivers in West Forks, Maine Maine, with its vast landscapes, dense forests, and...
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Kennebec Riverside Cabins

Discovering Tranquility A Stay at Kennebec Riverside Cabins Kennebec Riverside Cabins provide a cozy and charming accommodation experience, allowing guests...
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Sterling Inn

A Historic Retreat Sterling Inn Nestled in the heart of Caratunk, Maine, the Sterling Inn stands as a testament to...
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West Forks Volunteer Fire Department

Our Favorite Neighbors!

West Forks Volunteer Fire Department


The West Forks Volunteer Fire Department, an assembly of remarkably skilled firefighters and proficient medical responders, stands steadfast in their unwavering dedication to safeguarding the lives and properties of the local community. Driven by their noble mission, these valiant individuals tirelessly provide essential fire protection and emergency response services to prevent the devastating loss of life and property.

This esteemed department boasts a diverse arsenal of cutting-edge firefighting equipment and advanced technologies, allowing them to adeptly tackle an extensive array of emergencies. Their expertise extends beyond quelling ferocious flames, as they also respond with urgency to medical crises, treacherous motor vehicle accidents, life-saving rescue operations, and precarious incidents involving hazardous materials.

The steadfast team of responders at the West Forks Volunteer Fire Department exhibits fervent passion for their crucial work, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality service to the community they cherish. Round the clock, these dedicated professionals labor to ensure the safety and security of West Forks’ residents.

The department’s devotion to the community reaches far beyond their indispensable emergency response services. They actively participate in community outreach and education initiatives, generously imparting vital fire safety knowledge through comprehensive training sessions and informative presentations catered to schools, businesses, and community organizations.

Come Visit & Find Adventure

More Than Just A Vacation


Get ready for the ultimate outdoor adventure! Escape the mundane and immerse yourself in the picturesque plantation of West Forks, located in stunning Somerset County. This destination is a playground for thrill-seekers, offering a plethora of activities all year round.

West Forks is more than just a vacation spot, it’s a magical escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty at every turn, you’ll be living life the way it should be – free and untamed.

Established in 1859 for elections, West Forks officially became a plantation on March 31, 1893. Since then, it has captured the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, becoming a beloved destination for adventure seekers.

Nestled between the Dead River and the Kennebec River, just north of The Forks Plantation, West Forks is a paradise for kayaking, canoeing, and fishing enthusiasts. When winter arrives, the area transforms into a wonderland for snowmobiling and skiing, with countless trails waiting to be explored.

Are you ready to find your sense of adventure in West Forks? With stunning scenery and endless outdoor activities, it’s the perfect place for those seeking an adrenaline rush and an escape to the beauty of nature. So pack your bags and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!